Fayose Plans To Run Ekiti Like A Casino, Group Alleges

A socio-political group, Ekiti Good Governance Forum (EGGF), has challenged the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the June 21 governorship election in the state, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, to make public his manifesto rather than running a haphazard campaign.

The group in a statement by its coordinator, Kola Adeleye, contended that the PDP candidate has failed to rise above his pedestrian self in spite of claims that he has changed for the better, adding that he has not demonstrated enough mental coordination expected of someone aspiring to the revered position of a governor.

The group said that Fayose continuously showcases unending art of incompetence in all spheres, saying the former Governor is ill-educated.

The group stated: “In his hurried thoughtless nature, the PDP candidate wore a t-shirt with the inscription ‘Our Sympathy For Victim of Jos Bomb Blast,’ saying that a stand-alone school pupil tried in vain at a PDP rally to draw his attention to the embarrassing error coming from someone aspiring to lead a state regarded as the citadel of learning.

The group added: “It is shameful that a governorship candidate in this age and time lacks the basic knowledge of English Language to identify the difference between singular and plural. It would be recalled that Fayose displayed the same lack of finesse in 2011 during a debate for the senatorial election when he wore a t-shirt with the inscription ‘POLITCS’ instead of ‘POLITICS’.”

EGGF said it was embarrassing that Fayose, just like when he was chased out of Ekiti, continues to show crass incivility in his manner and speech, maintaining that this has shown that he would once more, if given the chance, run Ekiti like a casino in which he is going to be the poker king cruelly dealing hands.

The group chastised Fayose for stealing ideas from the All Progressives Congress (APC) due to the lack of his own original ideas.

“First, it was Fayose’s wife who started visiting farmsteads because Fayemi’s wife earlier did same. Then she suddenly found her voice and took to the streets of Ado-Ekiti to stage a Bring-Back-Our-Girls rally which had been staged weeks earlier by Fayemi’s wife, Erelu Bisi Fayemi.

“Next, it was the husband, Ayodele Fayose, who in his frenzied bid to draw cheap sympathy, turned the humane campaign to rescue young innocent girls snatched cruelly from the jaws of Boko Haram into political campaign.”

EGGF added that a governor is expected to be a role model for the young generation, arguing that someone who publicly commits spelling errors with no one around him who could point out the mistake before he ventures out is not fit and worthy to be a role model and a governor.

“This is not just a vote of no confidence on Fayose, but also on his team. How do you convince little children seeing Fayose on TV that ‘politics’ is not spelt as ‘politcs’ or that the word ‘victim’ carries ‘s’ in plural form?

“Ekiti committed a grave unforgettable historical error in 2003 by electing Fayose. We cannot afford to make that mistake again. To do that cannot bode well for us and our coming generation. This is why everyone in Ekiti, irrespective of class, status or political affiliation must join hands to rid us of this nightmare of having Fayose thrown in our face again by the PDP and the presidency. This is the greatest dehumanizing insult anyone could pass on us. It s more insulting that Fayose has been boasting to his friends like Omisore and Buruji that Ekiti people have short memory,” the group said.

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