Fayose’s Lies On Ekiti Workers’ Salaries, State’s Debt By Wole Olujobi 

Thanks for pointing our attention to the lies our governor has been spinning and shamelessly continue to spin.
We all, including his die-hard loyalists, can remember that for more than two years Fayose was saying that he paid N2.6b as monthly salary. We also remember that on the eve of taking the second bailout of ‎N8.8b, his Commissioner for Finance, jerked the monthly wage bill up to N5.2b, ostensibly on the instruction of the governor to create alibi for failure to pay workers. At that time, that declaration was a major topic of discussion on this forum.
Some of us that knew that the governor was lying went to work and later gave a figure of N1.7b more than a year ago now as the state’s monthly wage bill.
With the average of 50 retirements in a quarter and Fayose himself admitting that he discovered 500 ghost workers, we knew that the wage bill could not be more than the figure that Fayose quoted in his latest Channel interview.
Now, according to Fayemi’s audited accounts while leaving office, Ekiti total debt was N9,693,627,482.23.
But ‎just as Fayose assumed office, he applied to the Omirin-led House of Assembly to access CBN N2b loan for small scale entrepreneurship scheme and he was granted. Later, Fayose took N10b federal loan for projects. We can still recall that Fayose approached the Jonathan-led Federal Government to give him six months grace for debt relief and the rescheduling of the repayment of Ekiti old and fresh loans to enable him pay salary and execute development projects and Jonathan granted him through DMO. He was granted that grace till 2036. But later, Fayose started lying that Fayemi took loan that would be on the neck of Ekiti people till 2036. Can you see an incorrigible liar of a governor we have?
Records exist that shows that Fayemi took loan that was to be defrayed within seven years. The records are there, but Fayose, for who he is, has been blackmailing Fayemi as responsible for Ekiti present debts that will be on Ekiti neck till 2036.
It is a fact that Fayemi administration’s debt was N9.6b, but Ekiti State today owes not less than N53b in debts.‎ Fayose took N2b CBN loan, N10b loan for projects, first bailout of N9.6b, second bailout of N8.8b and monthly N1.3b for 10 months (N13b). Add all together and what you have is N53b, all Fayose’s debts. Definitely, Fayose knew he would take all these loans, hence he quickly applied to Jonathan to grant Ekiti State till 2036 to pay her debts. Yet he will be shamelessly lying to Nigerians that Fayemi borrowed with a repayment shedule of 2036. The records are there to prove that Fayemi borrowed with the repayment schedule of seven years.
Again, the man that said he was collecting N1.2 and N800m monthly as federal allocation has been saying for long that ‎Ekiti monthly allocation is N1.9b out of which N1.5b is regularly deducted to defray Ekiti loans. How can we reconcile his new figure with the figure he has been giving in more than two years now? Fayose is simply telling us that after removing N1.5 from N1.9, what he gets is N400m. Now see the figure he is giving out again the same way he said at various times that Ekiti debt was N86b, N58b, N36b and N31b.
Well, all I know is that Nigerians will soon know the true colour of the character called Fayose, the governor of Ekiti State.‎
He once proved the kind of human being he is in court during his cross-examination in the libel suit he filed against Femi Falana and TheNews magazine allegedly impugning on his integrity. Throughout the cross-examination, Fayose lied and lied to the astonishment of court officials. And during judgement by Justice Ayodeji Daramola, Fayose was told in a simple language that he had no integrity to protect as he lied throughout the cross-examination. Well, as it is said, leopard does not change its spots.
It is good, however, that he is giving himself away so soon with his latest revelation.

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