Flashback: Omisore’s Interview On Bola Ige; Published Few Days Before Ige Was Killed

Q: Will you not blame this escalating crisis on the leader of your party and Afenifere?

Omisore: No, I cannot. In the last few months, Akande has been abusing the leaders of Afenifere, so, where do we start from? He has abused and insulted the leaders. He is a nonentity. There were facts that he was at one time mad. He is “Alawoku” and there is no way he can be totally cured of the madness in him. Recently too, Bola lge came on radio here to insult me and my family. That is his last one. He was beaten yesterday, the people of Ife beat him up and he was crying like a baby as they removed his cap and his glasses. It took the intervention of SSS men and some of us, we had to beg the mob, to free him. He was disgraced out of Ife, he had to be dressed like a woman to get out of the town. That is to show that Bola Ige does not command any respect again in this state.

Q: Chief Bola Ige was beaten at Ife? Is the attack not traceable to you, and why do you think such an ugly thing happened?

Omisore: He has offended Ife people. If he insults me, he has insulted my people and they have the right to react.

Q: So they were fighting on your behalf?

Omisore: They were fighting for their own son, and they have the right. Ife has been marginalised in this government and they have the right to react. The people are not happy, they provided about 50 per cent of the votes that got Akande into power. When he came to Ife, he told them that the more they vote the more would their gains be. They were then asking him at Ife if what he had done is what they deserved to be given, it was, just a spontaneous reaction. I had to beg them because what the people wanted to do was more than that. If he is wise, he must not come to Ife again.

Q: You said there won’t be peace in the state until the wrongs are corrected….?

Omisore: (Cuts in) Yes, until the murderers are brought to book. You know there was no peace in Egypt until the Israelites were freed, it is not a matter of brick-stone or threat, it is a matter of natural recourse. There was an attempt to murder. Blood was involved, naturally, the blood will not let peace reign in the state. I had been keeping quiet, just watching them. Now, they went to the House of Assembly to start embarrassing me. The House started the whole crisis, I wasn’t around. If I wanted to plan my own, this state will just be in ruins, I don’t want to do anything that will destroy my reputation in this state. Everybody knows me in this state and I have a good reputation among the people.

Q: How will you describe the role of the state’s House of Assembly in the entire crisis?

Omisore: It is so unfortunate. There are cases in courts and I don’t want to say anything about them. One thing is clear though, they are fighting themselves. Where there are bad eggs, the good ones will want to neutralize them. I think they are doing justice for themselves, it is too early to comment on them.

Q: How true is the talk that you’ve switched romance over to the PDP?

Omisore: The people saying this are blackmailers. I am not a small fry in AD so, why would I suddenly leave. I belong to the core Afenifere, Akande does not. My leaders know that I am not in PDP. I am for AD.

Q: Don’t you see the attack on Chief Ige as an embarrassment to the Yoruba race.

Omisore: Bola Ige is a traitor in Afenifere. He has abused and embarrassed leaders of Afenifere, so, it is nemesis that is catching up with him. He is the ‘Akintola’ of our time. What Akintola did to Awolowo is what Bola Ige is doing to Adesanya and the Yoruba people.
“The “Akintola” of our time!” And we know what happened to Akintola.

Culled from Tempo Magazine of December 27, 2001 published four days before Ige’s assassination

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