Foremost Art Gallery, Halal Unveils Special Ramadhan Gift Packs

As the 2014/1435AH Ramadan fasting progresses, the Nigerian Muslim faithful have been encouraged to maximize their rewards through a “new and unique shift” from the old mode of sharing gifts and blessings in the holy month.

The fresh package, according to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Halal Art Gallerieo, a Lagos based Islamic and conventional art gallery, Alhaji Ridwan Osinowo, affirmed, is a new initiative aimed at upgrading the conventional method of sharing and sending foods and monetary items among Muslim faithful during the blissful month. It is also with a view to ensure a long term memory and impacts of Ramadan in the faithful.

Alhaji Osinowo explained that the items in the package which is tagged ‘Halal Ramadan Pack – Spread the Blessing’ were timely, educative, durable and of standard qualities.

He stated that for example, the Quran in the pack was imported, with hard cover and comprises Arabic and English translation with beautiful characters.

“The new concept was developed to ensure the materials in the pack are fully utilized during and after Ramadan period as well as to serve as good educational materials,” Halal boss emphasized.

The special pack, according to Osinowo, came in two categories: gold and silver. The duo contain a copy of Spread the Blessing Qur’an; Citadel of the Believer, that is, Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah book; Ramadan rules and related issues (pamphlet) and Ramadan organizer – comprising Salaat timing, Ramadan score chart and fasting tips, all packed in a portable and beautiful hamper.

However, the gold pack is different from silver with the inclusion of an Islamic Art Frame – depicting words of wisdom.

The benefits of the pack put together by the Nigerian foremost Islamic art gallery, the release indicated, include: showing of gratitude to Allah for His abundant blessings, to facilitate persistent and easy devotions during the month, promoting virtues of Ramadan and fulfilling the obligation of charity to optimize the season’s rewards.

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