Former AFN President Gusau Inducted Into Sports Hall Of Shame; NFF, LMC Included


Former President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Shehu Gusau has been Inducted into a Hall of Shame for Year 2020, reports The Gazelle
Gusau was the top Hall of Shamer Inducted during an independent poll conducted by Olympic Gold medalist, Enefiok Udo-Obong on series of sporting activities in the past year.
According to the poll, Shehu Gusau was Inducted into Hall of Shame, “for playing an ignoble role and bringing sports into disrepute”.
Also, the Nigeria Football Federation was also included in the Hall of Shame for “rewarding the mediocrity of Gernot Rohr not only with a new contract but accompanied with a protection fee of US$2 million”.
The League Management Company (LMC) was not left out in the shame and their offence was “being unable to organize a proper league and failing to make the league more competitive on the continent”.
The poll verdict stated that, “However, Gusau and his rejected AFN stood out like a sore thumb for putting self-interest ahead of the interest of the sport. While he fights to keep his position in a board that obviously rejects him, his opposition to settlement, undemocratic decisions and his divisional stance have stunted the growth of athletics in the country. While athletes crave for support and competition, his attention has been in the national court suing to try and legitimatize his position. It has been counterproductive for athletes as a whole as there still remains uncertainty in the running of the sports in Nigeria”.

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