Former British PM, Cameron, Resigns From Parliament

Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has resigned his seat in the House of Common.

Cameron said he did not want to be a backbench distraction to Prime Minister Theresa May and did not deem it appropriate to remain, being a former Prime Minister.

Theresa May, the current Prime Minister said in a brief statement she was proud to serve under David Cameron and could continue on the track of One Nation conservatism.

Cameron’s decision will initiate a by-election in his Oxfordshire seat of Witney, a constituency he represents since 2001. The former PM noted in a statement, “I want Witney to have an MP that can play a full role in parliamentary and political life in a way that I think I would find very difficult, if not impossible.”

Cameron  had previously resigned after the vote to Leave the European Union in a referendum he initiated during his time in office.

“I’m sure I will be remembered for keeping that pledge to hold a referendum when many people thought that promise would never be kept. In my view, with modern politics, with the circumstances of my resignation, it isn’t really possible to be a proper backbench MP as a former prime minister,” he  had told an ITV broadcaster.

Generally speaking  on his legacy, Cameron hopes he will also be remembered for turning the Conservatives into a modernising force while building a strong British economy, adding that he would continue as an MP until the next general election.

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