Free Trade Zones: Communication Bridge Stands Sanwo-Olu Out –Activist

A human rights and pro-democracy activist,  Omolola Olukayoye has taken a critical look at the way Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State disseminates information about his administration to the people and declared that, he stands out as an administrator with the mind of inclusiveness.
Olukayode, who is the National Convener of the Nigeria Peace Advocacy Group (NPAG), in a chat with newsmen Badagry Tuesday, said, Governor Sanwo-Olu has never portrayed his government as a secrete cult the way he has been carrying every along, observing that, little wonder people are rallying round him in all his government’s activities.
Omokayode expressed the delight the way the governor took time to explain the pace of work, the completion period and benefits expected from all the Free Trade Zones in Lagos recently, pointing out that, that is the typical characteristic of a thrue leader, who wants to command mass followership.
Dishing facts and figure, the activist said Governor Sanwo-Olu left nobody in doubt that, the multi-billion dollars investments in Lekki corridor of Lagos State, no doubt has the potentials to improve the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in addition to creating jobs for millions of youths both in the state and the whole of Nigeria, putting the date of completion of most of them against 2023.
The governor put the card of the project on the table for anybody to see during a two-day working visit to the Lekki axis of the state to inspect several construction works going, on where he disclosed that when the Lekki Seaport is completed in 2023, it has potentials to turnaround the state’s economy and generate employment for teeming Nigerians youth.
“What I am trying to point out is that, with Sanwo-Olu’s open handedness in governance, he is open to to support and constructive criticism that would have him smoothen out some rough edges because nobody has the monopoly of everything. He has not been putting anybody in the dark vis a vis his governmental activities.  He is humble and considerate. He cherishes information just as he also dishes information out always. The un-doings of some leaders is hording of information and creating a communication gaps,” the activist declared.
It was also heart-warning when the governor disclosed that, “the Lagos Free Zone,  Lekki Port, the Lekki Free Trade Zone and the Dangote Refinery and Dangote Fertilizer are huge investments which could change the fortune of the nation for good,” adding that, “more gratifying is his disclosure that. “upon completion, the projects would boom the state economy within the next 10 to 20 years resulting in the creation of more jobs.”
Olukayode further stated that, “the passion Sanwo-Olu has for the development of the youth is unravelled and he never forgets to mention it at any available fora,” stating that, “his belief that youth are the indispensable pillars of tomorrow for the country is firm in his mind.”
His words: “My administration is passionate about helping the youths to benefit from global technology, which the investments at Lekki would help to achieve. We can see that everything that we are doing is about creating job for youths and creating opportunities for youth.”
To convince us that the projects are in the right and safe hand, the governor recollected that the first concession agreement was signed when he was serving as Commissioner, expressing the excitement that, the partners remained committed despite the obvious challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic among others.
“It is against this backdrop that, the governor deserves cooperation to succeed because his door appears open for any suggestion that would make this state in particular and Nigeria in general conducive for all and sundry commercially, economically, socially and politically,” Olukayode submitted.

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