Glo Urges Muslims To Rededicate Themselves To Virtues Of Ramadan  

As the 2015 Ramadan kicks off on Thursday, 18th June, 2015, national telecoms operator, Globacom, has urged Muslims in the country to rededicate themselves to the virtues of the religion.

In a solidarity message to the Nigerian Muslim Ummah as they commence the month of fasting, the company exhorted them to use the opportunity to recommit themselves to righteousness, discipline and devotion to Almighty Allah as the Quran enjoins them to do.

Globacom called on all Muslims to persevere through the fasting and abstinence and pray for the new administrations at the federal and state levels.

It particularly called for prayers for peace and progress in the country, especially in the North East where insurgency had been on for some years.

The statement said there could be no meaningful progress and economic development without stability and security.

The company praised all patriotic Nigerian Muslims for their commitment to the unity of the country and urged all, irrespective of religion, tribe and political persuasion, to support the new federal administration in the spirit of Godliness.

“As one country, we can pull through this period of trials, take Nigeria out of the woods and move the nation into the bracket of prosperous nations,” the statement said.

The company called on all Muslims, and indeed all Nigerians, to live in peace with one another as contained in the teachings of Prophet Mohamed (SAW).

“All of us in Globacom wish all our Muslim brethren a very successful period of devotion. We pray that the Almighty Allah will show his mercies to all faithful in answering their prayers during this Ramadan period,” the statement concluded.

The Ramadan month is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

At this period, Muslims all over the world unite in a period of self discipline, spiritual reflection and re-awakening.

The Ramadan Fasting will be rounded off 29 or 30 days after the sighting of the moon, with the worldwide celebration of the Eid El Fitri Festival.

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