Global Finance School Announces Free Access To Its Best Selling e-Books Library In Finance, Management, Economics

Global Finance School Announces Free Access to Its Best Selling e-Books Library In Finance, Management and Economics


In the spirit of free information and self improvement for everyone, Global Finance School, an innovator in financial and managerial e-learning, announces that it offers free access to its online library with bestselling e-books.

An enormous source of knowledge deriving from 30 years of experience in publishing educational literature in finance is now available online.

(Valley Cottage, NY) – Global Finance School, a pioneer in financial and managerial e-

learning, is pleased to announce that it offers a new, free way to invest in their future: free access to its online library with bestselling e-books incorporating 30 years of publishing experience.

These free e-books cover an extensive variety on the subject including titles for beginners such as: Accounting, Stock Market, Finance, Economics, and Statistics among others.

Any reader may attempt to take the online exams after reading the books.

Global Finance School (GFS) is an international company providing interactive courses on finance, management and investments addressed to everybody, even people who have no relative background.

As Solomon Simanovsky, founder of GFS, explains “10s of thousands of students from more than 65 countries are already learning through GFS.

All topics are taught in simple and easy to understand terms, accompanied by illustrations, animations, and quizzes.”

The advanced software of GFS helps students keeptrack of their progress and grades.

Any question students have about the content, can be addressed online using support tickets or by a private tutor in online chat, for a minimum price.

In addition, there is a new forum where students can communicate and help one another, guided by the GFS experts. And Mr. Simanovsky adds “We established Global Finance School with one principal goal: to provide straightforward, inexpensive financial education to anyone, anywhere, whenever.

The new free learning portal helps us achieve this vision”.

Additional information and free access to Global Finance School’s online library is available at

Global Finance School (GFS), founded in 2008, is an international company that provides online courses on finance, investment, and management.

The mission of GFS is to provide straightforward, inexpensive financial education to anyone, anywhere,

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