GOtv Step Up Is Back! Comes Up With Live Matches And Other Exciting Shows


There has never been a better time to stay connected to GOtv than January 2020! GOtv has programmes lined up that is sure to wipe away the January blues and provide great entertainment for both adults and kids.

Kicking things off is the return of Step Up. Starting Wednesday, 15th January till Wednesday 29th February, customers on lower packages (GOtv Jolli, Plus, Jinja,Value and Lite) can renew their current subscription and get upgraded to the next package.

So reconnect now & stay active to revel in the privileges of a higher package.

This looks like an exciting week for football on GOtv! This Saturday, 18thJanuary, catch Real Madrid vs Sevilla on SuperSport Select 4 (channel 34) and Manchester City vs Crystal Palace on SuperSport Select 2 (channel 32), both matches at 4pm. On Sunday, 19th January,Burnley vs Leicester City airs on SuperSport Select 2 (channel 32) at 3pm. For more football fixtures, visit

Nigerian Top Weddings S1 airs on Fox Life (channel 20): Top Nigerian weddings have been carefully selected to feature in this season. It promises to be an explosive demonstration of some of Nigerian’s most dazzling weddings. Fridays ay 6:55pm.

At Your Service is showing on ROK 2 (channel 17): A hardworking waiter is left devastated when his girlfriend’s made the decision to leave him for a rich man who will take care of her. The waiter finally gets a chance to meet a woman who changes the course of his destiny.

Friday, 17th January at 9:45pm. Catch The Humble servant on AM Epic (channel 9): The most interesting part is a father giving words of wisdom to his son. In his words, he said “Don’t let your wife take your dignity away. Always take your stand but love her unconditionally”.

Everything we do in this world has its reward. Sunday, 19th January at 7pm.

Looking for comedy on a Sunday night? B.A.P.S airs on BET (channel 21): Two waitresses from Georgia, travel to Los Angeles to audition for a music video in order to raise money for their dream restaurant. Not everything turned out the way they planned. To find out more tune in Sunday, 19th January at 7pm.

Drama? Suspense? Shaurya is showing on Zee World (channel 25): An army lawyer pulls out all his guns to prove the innocence of an army officer whose been falsely accused of homicide. Sunday, 19thJanuary at 4pm.

New show alert! The Egg FactorPremieres on CBS reality (channel 22): This groundbreaking and gripping new series follows the fascinating lives of people involved in creating families with donated eggs.

Hopeful parents who have struggled to conceive are finally able to create a baby because of healthy eggs from young women who willingly to go through the grueling egg retrieval process. Catch this Sunday, 19th January at 6:50pm.

Pj Mask S3 on Disney Junior (channel 60): On this episode, Night Ninja steals an ancient gong to awaken a real dragon. Monday, 20th January at 5pm.

For more scheduled programming this January, visit You can also follow GOtv Twitter Instagram and on Facebook

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