Group Calls On Security Agencies To Call Osun PDP To Order Over Inciting But False Statements

A civil Society group, the Democratic Agenda (DA) has called on security agencies to call the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State to order before it plunges the state into anarchy.

The call to security agencies was made in a statement signed by the convener and secretary of The Democratic Agenda, Alhaji Lateef Olalekan‎ and Nurudeen Ayinde Abiola respectively.

‎The group noted that it expected the PDP to uphold the truth before making a statement in the press rather than sending out what it described as ’tissues of lies’.

The‎ Democratic Agenda pointed out that the opposition in its usual practice lied on the governor of the state when the Bail out Fund was still being approved, told the world that Governor Aregbesola had not only collected the funds but had gone to put the fund in unnamed fixed deposit account for personal gains.

The group held that the acts of aggression and transgression against the Nigerian law must by the PDP in Osun State must be stopped by law enforcement agencies of the Federal Government before it gets out of hand.

According to DA, “in a constitutional democracy, the opposition is expected to perform its role as the underdog to call the attention of the society to any wrongs committed by the government in power and by extension, the ruling party.

“We expected the PDP to uphold the truth before making a statement in the press but to our utter surprise, all that the opposition party had been releasing were tissues of lies.

“As young men and women of considerable education, connection and career influence, we investigated all the issues on which the PDP had spoken only to find out that there was not a single truth attached to any of them”.

The‎ group averred that with its investigations both at the Ministry of Finance and Office of the Accountant General, it absolutely necessary to call the attention of the Nigeria Police and the State Security Service (SSS) to various acts of felonious propaganda of PDP in the state since the beginning of the year.

‎Democratic Agenda said, “before our efforts could produce results and within one week of the first press release, Osun PDP again issued another statement claiming that Governor Aregbesola had paid N20 billion out of the bail out fund to settle a contractor.

“We have since found out that the lies issued by PDP was widely believed not only by government workers but also by members of the public who have expressed serious misgivings about their Governor.

“Our findings have further revealed that the Osun PDP spokesman particularly is always in the trade of inciting unrest and public disorder since the days of Navy Commander Anthony Udofia.

“Democratic Agenda had expected that the SSS and the Nigeria Police would have proactively called Osun PDP and its misleading spokesman to order not to further incite threat to the peace of Osun State”.

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