Group Declares Support For Jonathan’s Re-election

A group of independent actors promoting responsible government in Nigeria on Thursday, 18th September, 2014, declared support for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in the coming 2015 general election.

The group is working through traditional institutions and public diplomacy with focus on south western Nigeria.

The Forerunners Group envisions a Nigeria in which a universal commitment to the well-being of all its people is fuelled by successful national movements for political and social justice.

The group recognizes that change is successful only in a community self-participatory approach.

Forerunners Group stated that it identified with the unprecedented success of the Goodluck Jonathan administration in good governance by enthroning credible democracy demonstrated in the successful conduct of recent Ekiti and Osun States elections.

The group also observed that the spirit of social and political tolerance is finally being entrenched into Nigeria polity. “This is a timely guide towards positive social-political and economic direction desired in the best interest of the Nigerian society,” the Forerunner Group said.

It stated further that it, “gives serious consideration to all candidates declaring interest in the Presidency in the forth-coming presidential election in February 2015 and finds Goodluck Jonathan the most credible and qualified candidate to occupy the position”.

According to the group, “giving Goodluck Jonathan another opportunity in office will stabilize the economy and the social system. Forerunners Group therefore declares total support for President Jonathan’s re-election to further strengthen and continue the work.

The group stated further that the Boko haram insurgency is a global crisis considering the activities of extremists and religious fundamentalists in different countries all over the world, listing Isis in Iraq and Syria, Taliban in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and other terrorist groups in Egypt, Central Africa, Somalia, Sudan and Libya as reference points.

The group promised to work with traditional institutions and international community to promote good governance and sustainable development in Nigeria.

It advised Goodluck Jonathan to seek re-election for a second term to consolidate his work in the last four years in office.

The group also announced its plan to hold a summit on the role of traditional institutions in good governance and social justice in November 2014, according to Babatunde Oralusi, the group’s Director General.

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