Group Honours Lagos Lawmaker; Olulade Advises Members On Commitment, Loyalty

Honourable Segun Olulade, who represents Epe State Constituency 2 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, has been appointed as a patron of the Progressive Youth Platform, a group that is committed to the mobilisation of youths for active political participation.

The Convener of TPYP, Mr. Hamid Abiola, who led some senior members of the association to Olulade’s office in Alausa, Ikeja, had told the lawmaker that he was chosen as a patron of the group based on his interest in youths being a young politician and that the group is motivated by the need for phenomenal change based on the situation in the country.

“The organisation is an intervention platform based on the need of the moment. We believe that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is the only party with manifestoes to move Nigeria forward at the federal level. We are actually not statutory APC youth wing, but we have something to offer to cause the necessary change in the country. Young people are agents of change, which is why we support APC, and we have about 100 youth groups in our group,” Abiola said.

In his acceptance speech at the brief ceremony, Olulade saluted the courage of the group to ensure that there is change in the country, and advised members to be committed to the ideals of the group.

He described the Convener of the group as a firebrant youth with ideas, and someone that is ready to cause changes in the society.

According to him, groups such as Egbe Omo Oduduwa, Action Group, Alliance for Democracy (AD), Action Congress (AC) came about through the efforts of people of like minds and young people.

“Supporting the APC is something you should be happy about because we are all fed up with what is going on in Nigeria and we are all calling for change. But, the change will not come without action, creating a group to ensure the desired change calls for celebration. We have seen groups coming up, but they end up in the dustbin of history. Do not allow yours to be so, be ready to sacrifice. I had been in youth groups, which gave me rooms to meet people of substance, who are my pillars today,” he stated.

Olulade advised members of the group to do away with greed, selfishness and be committed to their aspirations for the country, adding that they would have more members if they took to the advice.

“Asari Dokubo, Gani Adams and others have something in common; they remain focused and committed to their belief. Your aspiration for change can only be realised if you remain united. Whatever I have as resources and influence would be used to support the platform. I would be grateful to God if you are committed to the group,” he stated. 

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