Group Raises Alarm Over Alleged Plot To Assassinate Zamfara Governor


“We have it on good authority that the Governor Of Zamfara State is under surveillance with the bid to take him out. Intelligence reports available to us indicate that the nation’s security has been seriously compromised and the recent outburst of the National Security Adviser (NSA) who is a very senior security personnel of the government is a case in point which has shown that all is not well with the Nation’s security architecture and there is the urgent need for President Buhari to authorize a discreet investigation and deep soul searching.”
These were the words of Malam Mohammad Lawan Usman, leader of a pressure group, the Movement for the Restoration Of Peace in Zamfara State, while reacting to an alleged assassination attempt on the life of Zamfara State Governor, Bello Mohammad Matawalle.
Before now, Governor Bello Matawalle has mentioned many times that the role of bitter politicians in the complexity of escalating rates of banditry in the state should be examined yet, it seems those destructive elements want to persist.
Although, he met multiple of crises especially in the area of security, education and health, his immediate concern was to address the security issue which was at a point of societal breakdown with the first two years of his administration devoted addressing.
Speaking further on the alleged plan to assassinate the Zamfara Governor, Malam Mohammad Lawan Usman said, “after the failed bid to coerce President Buhari into declaring a state of emergency in Zamfara State, the plots to assassinate Governor Mattawalle has thickened. Information available to us clearly indicated that a fifth columnist is in operation at the nation’s highest security cycle.”
It is worthy to note that in spite of the unwavering efforts of Governor Matawalle to bring lasting peace to the state, pockets of insurgency continued to persist so also has schemes, evil machineries and bad press has been directed at him so as to batter his soaring reputation.

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