Our Growing Fatherhood Crisis By Kingsley Obom-Egbulem                       

When you run into a gridlock caused by a fierce fight between two gangs of area boys, over an empty wallet and a mobile phone, then you know we are a people under siege. Not just siege by foreign invaders and insurgents but by illegitimate fathers and who continues to have children, they can’t cater for, the kids drop out of school, starts to roam the streets, get to bus stop and begins to earn a living as cub touts. Soon they are old enough to impregnate a girl.
They look out for their own kind, gives her some money and gets her pregnant a few months after. The boy runs back to the bus stop and life continues. Someone is pregnant and about to give birth to another tout/area boy or another girl that would almost certainly be impregnated by a tout. And the cycle continues creating an endless supply of gangsters and pimps for the underworld.
These were the pictures playing in my mind as I watched the pandemonium this morning.. Blood dripping from deep head cuts, bottles smashing and flying from end to end, cars parked, some people watching others running away from the scene probably wondering what’s really going on!
Then you ask someone close by “please what’s really going on here?” and you are told that the entire fight and blood shed was over a phone and a wallet.
A passenger got on a bus and in the course of the usual scramble for bus his phone and wallet fell off. One area boy picked them up a hid both items. Unknown to him, another area boy saw him tucking away the phone and demanded for it. He brought out the empty wallet but denied picking up the phone. The struggle between both men for the phone attracted other Area men and boys(who smoking weed nearby) to the scene… And before you could say.. “but this phone is just 15k na” the entre bus stop had been turned into a battle ground.
“Kingsley this is what we see every day here o..and when there is no fight between these gangs, then you probably have police men all over the place which also has its own repercussions “, explained my friend whom I went to visit.
Imagine you live in a neighborhood where this mayhem is a daily occurrence…and a state of calm and peace shows all may not be well.
In my opinion, and contrary to a problem caused by the economy or whatever we choose to tag it this is another dimension to Nigeria’s parenting crisis.

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