Guess What? Charly Boy Marries New Wife

Another scintillating gist that involves the renaissance-man, Charly Boy (Area Fada) – the one that ‘shined’ the shoes so present day celebrities could see their reflection as they walk through.

Charly Boy has taken a new bride and her name is Koko.

For radio buffs, listen in as they bring freshness to your doorstep every Saturday at 10. 30am on the network service of Radio Nigeria.

Finally! A platform where we can freely x-ray the way we live and proffer possible solutions to social issues by inspiring people towards an improved lifestyle.

Talk Junction promises to be as entertaining as the brand, as brutally blunt as the truth, playful yet inspiring, re-wiring the Nigerian youth to reclaim their lost glory.

So meet at the Junction with the odd couple and Talk the Talk with them.


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