How I Lost My Virginity On A Val’s Day

Sexy Yoruba actress, Adediwura ‘Blarkgold’ Adesegha has long been separated from her husband whom she bore a cute son.

Recalling her most unforgettable Valentine experience, Adediwura revealed the most indelible in her mind was the one spent with the father of her only son, a couple of years back that led to her losing her virginity as a woman.

Laughing, she stated matter-of-factly, “My most unforgettable Valentine was when my pride as a lady went down the lagoon -I was deflowered!”

“I can never forget that experience because it was a great turning point in my life and I smile each time I remember because it was earned by the father of my child” she added.

Adediwura Adesegha

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