How Rahama Indimi Doctored IBB’s Sallah Picture With Grandchildren

The Eid Kabir celebrations is over,but it’s still creating buzz in the house of Nigeria’s former Head of State, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.
His estranged daughter-in-law, Rahama and daughter of Borno State born billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, had reportedly doctored the children of her ex-husband’s second wife,Umma in a group photograph of IBB celebrating Eid with all his grandchildren.

Rahama had posted the manipulated image on her Instagram handle @Rahma_YI with the caption, “Barka da Sallah from mine to yours.”

Emerging details, however, revealed she had carefully doctored the shot in such a way that only her own children with her ex-husband, Mohammed Babagangida, featured in the photo with the former Military ruler.

However, online news platform, Arewa Agenda has exclusively obtained the original photo where the two Children of Mohammed’s new wife, Umma, were part of the authentic Sallah celebration image.

The marriage between Mohammed Babangida, scion of the Babangida’s dynasty and his first wife and mother of his four children, Rahama Indimi, had crashed in 2016 as a result of myriads of problems according to multiple sources.

Rahama is a daughter of Maiduguri-based billionaire Mohammed Indimi and whose son is also married to a daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In November 2018, Rahama had taken to Instagram to accuse her ex-husband, Muhammad Babangida, of using money to secure full custody of their children.

The billionaire’s daughter who had her kids taken from her since separating from Mohammed Babangida said she would continue to fight till her last breath.

After his divorce from his first wife, Mohammed had in October 2019 at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos venue of the 60th birthday party of Hajia Bola Shagaya had for the first time, stepped out of a major social event with his second wife, Umma.

They posed for photographs wilfully and stopped to greet virtually all the dignitaries at the party with Mohammed gleefully doing the introduction.

Growing up, Mohammed’s first love was actually Umma, the daughter of Ambassador Aminu Wali. Like it is in aristocratic families, where matchmaking their children is the norm, Rahama was married off to Mohammed with a view to cementing the relationship between the two influential families. But Umma was the woman who made his heart to flutter. Thus, his heart and thoughts remained with her. After a few years, he made a firm decision to get a second wife which Rahama wasn’t totally comfortable with. He had his way nonetheless.

Consequently, in 2008, Rahama, the CEO of Deva Petals and Fashion Cafe, a luxury fashion platform in Abuja, moved out of her matrimonial home but reason prevailed after some months of initial grandstanding. In 2016, however, the marriage broke down irretrievably, leaving Mohammed to concentrate all his energy on his childhood love, the result of which became manifest with the birth of a baby boy in 2017.

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