I Feel Bad After Having Sex – Nollywood Actress, Cynthia Agholor

Curvaceous Nollywood actress, Cynthia Agholor has been around for a long time, knocked around with the movers and shakers of the industry but yet looks like a farmland still untapped.

Though, there have been a number of controversies about her but she has managed to keep her acts together, focusing on the big score of making herself the envy of her colleagues.

While talking to Potpourri sometime ago, the busty thespian aired her views on the subject of sex, revealing the real person behind the facade of that sexy star.

“I think sex is good when someone is married. You know, you do it without fear of committing a sin or committing adultery. Sex is something every couple , married couple, should do, probably, everyday, I don’t know, probably every time they are moved to do it.

“Sex has the real pleasure when you are doing it without any form of fear. I’m not saying unmarried people should not engage in sex because there is nothing I will say that will make them stop but somebody like me, every time I do it I always feel bad that I’m sinning against God.

“Even before sex I feel frigid because there is always that looming fear that I’m not doing what is right. That is for me, I don’t know about any other person. If I’m married to the man then I will feel very free and enjoy it very well” she says.

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