I Feel Happy When Men Approach Me — Nollywood Actress

Budding actress, Chelsea Edogun, who is working tirelessly to make her mark in the Nigerian movie indsutry has opened up on how she feels each time she gets advances from the opposite sex.


Asked if she has been sexually harassed in the industry as well as her her relationship with men, the sexy actress said, “No, I haven’t been harassed sexually, but it doesn’t mean that no man has approached me in Nollywood.”


“ I feel it’s a normal thing. In fact, I like it when men approach me. It makes me feel that I’m still a woman.”


On her selling point, the rising actress said, “I love every part of my body because I believe and I know that my beauty can sell a movie. But my selling point is my boobs.” She also confirmed that she can act nude for one billion pounds. “Of course anyone would go crazy for that amount,”she said.

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