I Never Slept With David Moyes’s Daughter – Wilfred Zaha


By Emmanuel Adigwe

Wilfried Zaha has refuted claims that he slept with the daughter of the former manager of Manchester United, David Moyes.
It will be recalled that Zaha was not getting enough playing time at Manchester United under David Moyes and there were rumours that he had slept with the manager’s daughter and that was why he wasn’t getting enough game time.
Zaha stated this while speaking with ex-teammate, Rio Ferdinard, on The Locker Room.
He said: “No one at the club at all told me anything, I didn’t know what to do whatsoever.
“I remember tweeting something about it saying ‘silly rumours’ because it was getting too much so I had to say something myself and then I remember the club media messaging me saying ‘you shouldn’t have done that, you shouldn’t have done this’ and I’m thinking you haven’t helped me.
“I’m here by myself, struggling because people are telling me I’ve slept with the manager’s daughter and that’s why you’re not playing me.”Zaha had that both him and the manager will have a conversation about the issue but it never happened.
He added: “The funny thing is, it’s carried on for so long I felt like, is the manager not going to come and have a word with me over this?

“That’s how I felt and I’m thinking this is ridiculous man. Up to this day I still get people that think that’s true and I’ve never even met his daughter.”

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