I’m In Politics To Serve The People, Says Aeroland, PDP Candidate For Lagos West Senatorial District

Unlike what has been said and written about him, Segun Adewale, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Lagos West Senatorial District, cuts the figure of a gentleman: tall, handsome, soft-spoken and with carefree attitude, Adewale definitely draws people to his side.

That he is a comfortable and wealthy man is not in doubt. He is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Aerolan Group, a company into exective charter, travels and property development. This company has branches all over Nigeria and has taken over hundreds of Nigerians out of unemployment.
For a man so comfortable, you wonder what he is doing in the murky waters of Nigerian politics.

“With all sense of modesty, I can say that as a private individual and businessman, I have impacted positively on many Nigerians: offering many employmets, giving many scholarships and paying lots of school fees; personally undertaking infrastructure provision for my community.

“However, I believe being in public office will afford me the opportunity of doing more,” the soft spoken Adewale explained in an interview with journalists in Lagos.

According to him, his interaction with people and relationship with his community have shown that there is poverty in the land. “I hate seeing people wallowing in want hence I’m not comfortable seeing those around me living in poverty. Thus, my desire has always been to help the people, especially the less privileged,” he said.

Adewale, popularly called Aeroland by his admirers, stated further that stated that his idea of politics is to promote good governance which according to him, “offering and sacrificing oneself for a selfless service to the people.

Speaking further, Adewale said, “it is my utmost belief that good government based on the international best practices is to bring government closer to the people”.

Thus, for him therefore, his mission in politics and desire to be in government , “is to contribute my quota to the developpment goal of our great nation, Nigeria. I wish to complement the efforts of those who have come before me in a government with an ideal leader-servant and ultimately promoting policies of general well being of greater number of the citizenry”.

That Adewale is willing to back up his words with action is not in doubt. He is well read: he has first degree from the University of Ibadan; has two masters’ degrees from the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo and the University of Lagos.

Apart from this, he is a master in his profession and as an employer of Labour, he has hundreds of people working in various companies ranging from chartered accountants to primary school certificate holders.

Quite fundamentally, Adewale, over the years, has proven to be a philathropist whose kindness knows no bound. His belief in building human beings and improved community development as a private citizen is unprecedented.

In the last 10 years, Aeroland has singlehandedly provided water through construction of boreholes for 15 communities; has graded not less than 10 community roads; has assisted in improving electricity supply in many communities through provision of transformers; constructed blocks of classrooms as well as provided chairs and tables for pupils in Alimoso Local Government; constructed culvert and mini-bridges as well as provided scholarships and financial assistance to the less privileged in the society.

“I believe if I can do all these as a private businessman, I will definitely do more as a public servant if elected as a federal lawmaker”.

According to him, “I will be the first lawmaker to call a press confrence and town hall meeting of stakeholders in my senatorial district to tell them the quarterly constituency allowance coming from the centre with a view to collectively deciding what projects to spend the money on”.

On violence in politics and him being a violent politician, Aeroland has this to say, “I’m a gentleman and I don’t encourage violence. I build people, I don’t destroy them. Violence destroys people and I won’t engage in any vocation that can lead to the destruction of human beings”.

According to him, it was because of his rising profile and the fact that nothing incriminating can be found against him, that made his opponents hang the ‘violent’ tag on him. He insisted, “I’m a peace loving man”.

On his membership of the PDP, Adewale stated that the platform has provided him with the opportunity to freely express himself as a politician. “In PDP, you have the opportunity to express yourself as a politician as well as defend your ideas. It is unlike other parties particularly the All Progressives Congress (APC) which is tied to the whims and caprices of an individual,” he said.

As a parting shot, Aeroland called on the elite to offer themselves for service to their fatherland. “Politics is about service to your people and if you refuse to participate and cede governance to uneducated people, then you don’t have to complain about bad governance,” he concluded.

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