I’m Not A Lesbian – Juliet Ibrahim

Popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, is one actress that strikes one with her beauty and brains. In this interview with JOAN OMIONAWELE, she talks about her controversies, marriage and career. Excerpts:

You released a song last year. Are you dumping acting for music?
No, I am not. Music is my first love and what I grew up dreaming of taking on as a career. I am simply living my childhood dream.

Let me into your growing up and background. What were the odd jobs you did before you became an actress?
I was a television, print and runway model. I also used to run a modelling agency called Dolfins some 10 years back. I used to be an agent providing lots of jobs and gigs for people.

You were proclaimed the most beautiful woman in Africa by A-Listers Magazine last year. What do you do to maintain the beauty?
I felt honoured and privileged to be recognised as the most beautiful woman in West Africa or Africa 2013. This shows that I am on the right track. I am of mixed race. I am very comfortable in my skin. I have a son, and even after birth, I have maintained a great figure, which most mothers can barely do. I am one of the known actresses that have noticeable knock knees – which I am very proud of, hence I rock my short outfits and never have I been ashamed or gone to do surgery. I have been a philanthropist and I have maintained a good name over the last 10 years in my career; so, being recognised by them was a great privilege.

While growing up, how were you able to treat young guys who wanted to date you?
Well, I am aware of my surroundings and I know exactly how to put a stop to anyone having any funny ideas.

Where would you say you got your big backside from?
It is a God-given asset. I am of a Lebanese descent; so my African side dominates with my curves and back side, thus making me a proud African woman.

Would it be safe to describe it as your greatest physical asset?
No! I believe my face is my greatest physical asset, but (that) doesn’t mean I do not cherish every other feature.

What other things do you do aside music and acting?
I am an entrepreneur, businesswoman, producer, philanthropist and entertainer. I run a beauty parlour, boutique, talent and model agency, an NGO, a film/music production company and I have my hands on so many things.

What’s your best red carpet look?
(That would be) anything that is going to wow everyone. My red carpet style either has to be romantic, dramatic or elegant.

What’s your take on tattoos?
I do not have tattoos on my body and don’t intend having any. I am not a big fan of inflicting pain on my body. However, I do not have issues with people who have tattoos. I don’t judge people. We all have our lives to live which way we choose.

What was the story about kissing Nikki Samonas? Was it a movie or real life?
It was a movie. I acted the role in which I was a lesbian and had to go through a lot as an actor to play the character well enough to convince the audience as well as send out the message of the movie. I am not a lesbian as the media carried the news. Nikki was actually the first girl I have pecked in my entire life and that was in a movie. It was just a peck; nothing passionate or intimate. I couldn’t be caught tongue kissing another woman. I do not intend to make kissing girls a habit.

And what did your husband say about that story?
My career will always be my career. I was acting before he met me; hence he understands it comes with the role.

Your hubby is a pilot. Are there not times you are afraid of him being involved in a plane crash?
He doesn’t fly. He (has been running) his father’s company since 2008. He is a commercial pilot by the books.

But why is it that most Ghanaian movies have so much nude scenes?
I can’t say much about that. I am not aware of any of such.

Does your son not miss mummy when she goes on movie locations?
My son is three years old. He goes to school and I work. He knows mum has to work to secure his future. I am not always away from him. I balance my work and motherhood perfectly.

What’s the most expensive possession you have?
Louboutins, Manolo blaniks, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, handbags by Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, designer sunglasses and some other stuff .

On the average, how many bags and shoes do you have?
I can’t count them. I am a lover of shoes and bags. I am always buying shoes and bags.

You have worked with both Nigerian and Ghanaian actors; which of them are more romantic?
That is quite a question you want to trick me with. I act with them; I don’t act and think more than I am to do as an actress. I have never in my life thought of any of them in that way.

Let’s talk about your foundation. What prompted it?
I have two aunts who have kidney-related ailments. I know and have seen what they go through. This informed my looking for ways to help people going through that same ordeal.

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