Incredible! Delegates Accuse Fayose Of ‘Stealing’ N70m From Their Convention Largesse

Delegates from Ekiti state who attended the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Convention to affirm President Goodluck Jonathan as the presidential candidate of the party have accused the state Governor, Ayodele Fayose of ‘stealing’ their money. learnt that each of the delegates was supposed to earn N1.5 million for the trip only for them to be paid N800,000 by the Governor, meaning the Governor allegedly removed N700,000 from each of the delegates total package of N1.5 million.

According to some of the delegates, the Governor allegedly removed the money on the excuse that he wants to spend it on developing the party as well as buying Christmas gifts for members.

About 100 delegates attended the convention from the state, meaning about N70 million was deducted from the delegates’ total package.

But the delegates were not deceived by the Governor’s excuse accusing him of being greedy and selfish.

One of them said, “don’t mind the greedy man, he removed the money for his own personal use and not for any party. Is this not the same way he deducted N2,000 each from the salary of all civil servants on the same excuse of buying Christmas present for them? The delegates were so angry that they were cursing the Governor openly and calling him names.

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