International Interview: How I Saved Obesere, Olu Maintain From British Immigration Problems – Alexia Thomas, Nigerian-born British Human Rights Activist

Professor Alexia Thomas, is a Nigerian born, British citizen who earlier left the shores of Nigeria as a music diva in 2004 and relocated to London.

While in Nigeria, her music, a reggae-high life preached against social ills in the society, as she was a familiar face in the Nigerian entertainment industry then known by stage name ‘Lizzy Henz’.

In the past 17 years in the United Kingdom, (UK), her fame is all over the Queen’s enclave for her boldness, profound ideology in litigation and various human right crusades which have brought freedom and hope to hundreds of Commonwealth citizens that were earlier facing hopeless British immigration problems.

Regarding her political dexterity and ideology, she said: “By night doctrine, I traveled back in time and realized what made United Kingdom a standard society has been lost. But by awakening the voice of the ancestors, particularly the spirituality and ideology of Queen Elizabeth 1, whose spirit lives in me, I was able to re-enact her formidable philosophies”.

In an exclusive interview with this correspondent, this woman profoundly
knowledgeable woman in ‘Divinity’ revealed how she risks her life on several occasions to secure freedom for Nigerians, South Africans, Ghanaians, Somalians, Ugandans, Liberians, Angolans, Moroccans and Cameroonians battling various kinds of British immigration challenges.

According to her, “Any revolutionist who has not been to prison is not yet ready. I have paid the price for Commonwealth citizens globally through my various sacrifices, still continuum in ensuring freedom, equity and justice for the people. When victory is ascertained, it is time to shame the wrong (racism) and hate in British system.”

When asked the challenges she had to overcome to have become this popular activist in UK, she explained that challenges helped her become bigger, since she sees no odds in obstacles. Her words: “I don’t see any challenge in every obstacles placed my way by British system, rather I see opportunities, platform to re-enact the ideology of ‘Commonwealth Mother’ in bringing freedom, stability, justice, and fairness to the British system. Salvation of the people is freedom of the people. As an Independent Diplomat in UK, my government’s target is to continue with the unfinished work of Queen Elizabeth 1, a royal monarch highly revered globally who ruled alone for nearly a half century by lending her name to greatest epoch in world history. She dazzled even her greatest enemies. Her sense of duty was admirable, though it came at personal cost. She was committed above all the else preserving English peace and stability; her genuine love for her subjects was legendary. Living the life of Queen Elizabeth 1 is a reality in me. I have since realized that all Commonwealth nations have no ideology. I really believe ideology gives me power. ”

In her greatest speech to Parliament, she said “I count the glory of my crown that I have reigned with your love”, and five centuries later, the worldwide love affair with Elizabeth Tudor continues.

Sounding philosophical, Alexia stated that “United States and British governments never executed the Doctrine of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (UDHR). Late Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria introduced UDHR into the country, since freedom is given when justice is seen to have been done.”

In the words of Alexia: “ I must confess to you that the British Government failed Commonwealth nations. That is why we have concluded plans to put in a place a working treaty through Alliance for Commonwealth, where freedom is a right not a favor or prerogative of any faulty system.

The Commonwealth Liberation Party, (TCLP)

Through the instrumentation of law, Alexia has created a viable political platform for Commonwealth citizens in UK willing to effectively participate in politics, ready to defend and ensure justice is upheld in the length and breadth of the Queen’s enclave. “As Chairman of TCLP, I am not entitled to contest any political position, I am to ensure that every opportunities are given to all members of Commonwealth nations, who already register with us to contest British elections. For the records, 2nd Apocalypse of Judaism led to the 2nd World War. We are here to stop any appearances of Apocalypse of Judaism. TCLP is destined to stop 3rd Apocalypse of Judaism.”

Independent Diplomatic Commission, (IDC)

Alexia in this rare interview explained that as the Royal Mother and President of Independent Diplomatic Commission, (IDC), as well as Chairman of TCLP, she said “I don’t contest election, but I am entitled to give tickets on a fair-level platform of ours to those who want to contest elections. For the intending Commonwealth candidates to be eligible, he/she will need to visit our IDC website at: write our examination, passed same to be fit to fully represent ideology and power for the people.

The IDC stands for Equity, Rights, Social Integration and Treaty Alliance Commission for Nations of Commonwealth. As at today, 53 countries of Commonwealth are victims of segregation. This is why I strongly believe that when a party with great ideology comes into power, we would identify people whose Visas have expired in UK labeled ‘No Identity’ by the police. The knowledge I carry is very weighty in Divinity through Queen of Elizabeth 1. In Africa, where we come from, insanity is the mother of the day. And here in UK, wherever the authorities say NO to a Commonwealth citizen, when I control their minds there will be liberation. Presently, we are government not in power, but richer in power of ideology.

Protectorate Police Commission

In ensuring the rights of Commonwealth citizens in Europe and UK are not trampled upon, Alexia takes her activism a step further by establishing Protectorate Police Commission, PPC, “to secure bails for Commonwealth citizens kept in immigration camps against their desires. We believe no
Commonwealth citizen shall be imprisoned until found guilty. Domestic violence against the men is same as domestic violence against the women.

“We act as mediators in domestic issues because our officers are experts in conflict resolution. We aim to protect every home from unlawful entry following constant abuse on Commonwealth citizens by the local authorities and other government agencies.”

Saved Nigerian musicians from British Immigration Jigsaw

On a lighter side, Alexia explained to this correspondent how she was able to save Abass Akande Obesere, a Fuji exponent and Olu Maintain, a funk-high life artiste from British immigration crises.

She said “In 2008, Abass Obesere earlier had issues regarding his ‘visitor’s visa status’ on the point of entry to London where he had some shows earlier arranged for him by some Nigerians. I was called upon by his manager on the ‘No appropriate visa status’. My diplomatic intervention and prompt action with the British immigration facilitated his quick release. A year after, 2009, he was again stopped by British immigration on his point of entry on allegations that he deliberately did not communicate with them in English language, as they did not understand what he meant. I intervened again and secured his release.

“Similar experience happened when Olu Maintain, another Nigerian musician had challenges with British immigration at the point of entry where there were allegations that some of his band boys would not be allowed entry on the soil of UK to perform. I was called upon, again I ensured all his band boys were released unconditionally.”

Reaches out to Nigerian govt, African Union leaders

“I am using this medium to reach out to Nigerian government and African Union Heads of State, as well as Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS), to reach out to us here in UK so that together we can ensure that no member of the Commonwealth is detained, imprisoned illegally.

“We are asking for urgent help in this regard. Remember, freedom of a man is free but needed assistance for freedom logistics.

“As the Royal Mother, President of Independent Diplomatic Commission, and
Chairman of Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, our government is duty bound through the instruments of law to enforce Treaty and eliminate undue policies because policies will not, must not, should not and cannot override Treaty.”

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