Isan Ekiti Residents Resist Fayose’s Men From Taking Away Agric College’s Equipment

The Isan Ekiti people on Wednesday, 5th November, 2014, resisted an attempt by Gov Ayo Fayose’s cronies from removing tractors and other agricultural equipment at the College of Agriculture located in the town.

The Governor had last week said he would not support the college.

The community said the governor’s directive was like a repeat of what happened in Ikogosi during Fayose’s first term in office where all functional materials at the Ikogosi Warm Springs were carted away by Fayose’s men and converted to personal use.

There are also indication that the management of the college is being harassed by the governor to release the over N39 million in the college account.

The amount is part of the take off grant of the institution.

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