Joe Igbokwe: Nincompoop Of Modern Age Politics By Sultan Oyewole Junaid

Each moment in history is fleeting, precious and unique but some stand as moments of beginning towards educating mediocre, resuscitating them by practically making them step out of the old and embrace the new innovative tradition.

In the past few weeks, the news of land grabbing in Ilubirin area of Lagos, has been continually aired both on print and electronic media,of which His Excellency- Gov. Babatunde Fashola(SAN) alleged that Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, Minister of State for Defence of invading the housing project in progress at the Ilubirin area.

Few days after the allegation, a detailed counter allegation by the Minister was promulgated on his unscheduled visitation on that land.

About seventy two hours later, a publication by the Publicity Secretary of the Lagos chapter of the All Progressives Congress(APC) was made public, putting up iota of insane and blatant lies, and to have gone ahead blindly and quiet as if nothing had happened would have been suicidal and stupid.

But for the sake of posterity and repository of information, the dire need to correct the moronic faced Joe Igbokwe who has turned himself to a public nuisance all for the sake of the huge Lagos tax payers’ money spent on him is expediently required.

It is dis-heartening and all the more shameful to be heard by Igbokwe, Lagos APC publicity nuisance, that Senator Obanikoro burnt Lagos City Hall while he was Chairman of Lagos Island Local Government because he doesn’t want to be probed.

Perhaps, Igbokwe too attended the ‘phantomic Chicago State University’, so he couldn’t have known that financial records in a local government administration are kept in the Council Treasurer’s (CT’s) office and the question I put to him if he claims he was conversant with that event of 1997, is if the office of the Council Treasurer too was set ablaze and to inform him further, the panel of inquiry that was set up which cleared Obanikoro of that spurious allegation is still in the archive of the Lagos Island Local Government and the Lagos Military Administrator at the time, Brigadier(Gen.) Muhammed Buba Marwa (rtd) is still alive today as a living witness.


Igbokwe doesn’t seem to realise that civility is not a sign of weakness and there should be a limit to tolerating this loose-mouthed guy and his destructive arguments on political issues concerning Lagos.

Strongly I admit, it is by the power of argument, debate, true religious faith and true legitimate politics that the continous threat of mediocrity could be defeated, but Igbokwe’s mediocrity has over-stepped bounds.

For those that are conversant with the annals of history, when Obanikoro was aspiring to be Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it would be recalled that Governor Tinubu never supported him but rather intended imposing Hon. Dapo Durosinmi-Etti, if not for the intervention of His Royal Highness (HRH), Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II, late Oba of Lagos, who prevailed on Tinubu to allow a primary election determine the flag bearer of the party for the Lagos Central Senatorial ticket, of which Obanikoro had a resounding land-slide victory over the anointed candidate of his boss at the time.

To set the records straight, Musiliu Obanikoro had been a very renowned politician in Lagos and particularly on Lagos Island before the advent of the now proscribed Grassroot Democratic Movement (GDM) party and was one of the brains behind the success and emergence of Bola Tinubu as Governor in 1999 and 2003 respectively, so against all envious odds, he was appointed Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture and led hajj pilgrims to Saudi-Arabia without complains for four consecutive years and there was no allegation of missing funds whatsoever at the time by the state government, I dare you to make public your evidence if any of such ever exists.

I put it to Joe Igbokwe with all sanctity where and who he was in Lagos politics at the time, because history has it that he was a ‘boi-boi’ learning trade on sale of electronics in the eastern part of the country at the time.

And to insult God, Igbokwe calls Obanikoro a junior Minister, shouldn’t he sit, think and pray to God to make him a junior Chairman or rather junior Commissioner, instead of dissipating his energy in accusing God on the reason he has made Musiliu Obanikoro an achiever in life, because he’s nowhere near Koro’s match in all ramification. It is to God’s glory that today, Musiliu Obanikoro, has achieved in politics, what loudmouthed and idle people like Igbokwe can never achieve in their lifetime.

Koro has been ELECTED twice: first as a local government chairman and then as a Senator. Pray, has Igbokwe ever stand election for a coucillorship seat? Obanikoro has also been a commissioner, an ambassador and now a minister, who is this Igbokwe for God’s sake? Little brat in Lagos writing for just writing sake whose highest achievement in life is being the PUBLICITY SECRETARY of APC in Lagos.

Igbokwe called Obanikoro’s defection to the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) on getting to the Senate a betrayal, I am sure he truly understands what the lexicon meaning of that word ‘betrayal’ is?

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, a few months ago wrote and made public an historic eighteen page letter,alleging your national leader of romancing and collecting huge sum of money from the presidency to deliver Lagos to the PDP in 2011 and he denied his party candidate, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu victory all for monetary gains.

What would Igbokwe call this? Nigerians can imagine this height of betrayal from a national leader of a party that claim to have vision for Nigeria. To our dismay, none of all their attack dogs has for once refuted the alleged clandestine abnormality, dis-loyalty to party politics and blatant disregard perpetrated by their leader.

Nigerians are in the best position to know if these are truly leaders that should be conferred the mandate to lead this country, Naija people, ‘shine your eyes’.

The day of reckoning between forces of true leadership and advocacy for truth is not far-off and I have not the slightest doubt that Nigerians would be duty bound to vehemently tell these deceitful cabals at the polls that there is no vacancy at the villa.

Putting up a defeatist word, as to saying that Obanikoro and the PDP plans to rig the 2015 elections with the use of his military outfits would be too hasty for Igbokwe and his party. Lagosians need not be tutored on how and what party to vote for in 2015 because their hearts are heavy with memories of disappointment on the ruling APC’s obnoxious,elitist and inhumane policies in Lagos.

As such, Lagosians and the Nigerian populace are becoming wiser and unpredictable by the day, the proud utterances consistently made by the ruling party in Lagos that even if a dog is conferred the flag bearership of APC, it would win elections or rather mediocre and self-imposed candidates put faces of their leaders on posters,they would get the anointed favour of electorate.

It may interest you to know that Nigerians have bid farewell to that era.

The stand to witness votes counted Nigerians displayed during the 2011 electioneering period is enough to tell any arrogant party and public officers that Nigerians truly are advocates to a prosperous shared future for our dear nation.

I have pondered on countless times on the reason Obanikoro is always being attacked by Lagos APC and resolved to my thought with hypothesis that the All Progressive Congress(APC) are not of God.

Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi defected from their party to the ANPP, Mr. Femi Pedro, former Deputy Governor also defected to contest governorship on the Labour Party(LP) platform, same as the veteran pharmacist, Jimi Agbaje to the Democratic Peoples Alliance (DPA) and not for once have they ever been attacked or insulted.

These have corroborated my argument and conveyed to Lagosians and her inhabitants how important Obanikoro’s political ideologies are to them and that he was truly one of the brains behind their successes while he was with them.

Perhaps, they ought to have admitted that for ‘Koro’ to have attained the pinnacle of being the highest profiled politician as of today in the annals of Lagos politics isn’t by his making and consistent attack on his personality would mean invoking the wrath of God.

I strongly advice that the spirit of our age is one in which the prejudices of the past be put behind us, because we cannot as Lagos indigenes allow a stranger who has consistently denied his Igbo people on the issue of Lagos deportation and who knows nothing about us promote a pull of dis-unity amongst us. Hence, we cannot build the city of our desire under the constant menace of aggression and destructive criticism on a personality like ‘Koro’ whom God has ordained greatness.

I also advice that we strive to become in the finest sanity tradition, something more tomorrow than we are today.

Sultan Junaid, wrote in from Lagos

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