Jonathan To Military: Remain Patriotic, Despite Criticisms

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday urged the country’s armed forces to remain committed to defending Nigeria’s territorial integrity despite constant criticisms against their efforts by certain Nigerians who do not seem to appreciate them.

Also the prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Archbishop Samuel Uche, has declared that there is a hidden agenda to Islamise the country. According to him, these persons were the ones sabotaging the military’s effort in rescuing the abducted Chibok girls.

Both the president and the cleric spoke at an inter-denominational church service held at the National Christian Centre, Abuja, to mark this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration.

Jonathan noted that the inadequacies in the military notwithstanding, the federal government was committed to its bid to equip them to effectively perform their duties.

He gave the assurance that his government would continue to invest in the welfare of military personnel and their families through programmes like the Victim Support Fund which was launched recently.

The president added that the Armed Forces and other security services deserved the prayers and commendation of all Nigerians, as they lay down their lives in defence of the country’s unity and territorial integrity.

He said the current security challenges facing the country could have been worse but for their gallantry and commitment to the fight against insurgency.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Uche has accused some elements in Nigeria, who hate the country, of nursing a hidden agenda to Islamise the country.

Uche attributed the difficulty in the current war on terrorism in the country to the activities of saboteurs in the military and political class, and noted that the saboteurs had two reasons: to return to power at all cost because they believe they are born to rule and two to Islamise Nigeria.

The cleric said, however, that their plans will fall like a pack of cards, and that the country will never break.

He said, ‎”The Boko Haram is proving hard to tackle because many disgruntled elements are involved. These people who allow themselves to be compromised are within the political elite, some are within the armed forces and other institutions.

“These ‎disgruntled country men and women have made themselves enemies of Nigeria. These people ‎sabotage every effort of government to bring peace in the north east of Nigeria. I believe that Nigerians are wiser‎ and our people know that it is sabotage that is making it impossible for our armed forces to recover the Chibok girls.”

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