Jonathan Unveils New Nigeria Security Strategy

The Federal Government on Thursday formally launched a New National Security Strategy document, to combat terrorism in the country.

The new strategy is already being used as the document was prepared in 2014.

In his speech the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, said the new strategy has helped the security apparatus deal with the current safe of insurgency in the country.

The public can now formally request for copies of the document from the office of the NSA.

President Goodluck Jonathan formally launched the new strategy which is contained in three different documents: National Security Strategy, Counter Terrorism Strategy and Cyber Security Plan and Strategy.

In his speech, Mr. Jonathan noted that the National Security Strategy was a wakeup call on every Nigerian to develop that “individual and collective consciousness and readiness to forestall, pre-empt, protect and defend the country against natural and man-made disasters.”

“It also demands multi-sectoral, domestic and international approaches, efforts and cooperation,” he said.

He noted that the strategy was carefully thought-out and approached security from a comprehensive perspective, leaving nothing to chance.

“Yet (it is) honest enough to accept that sometimes crime will be ahead of the law,” Mr. Jonathan said. “In the event of this happening, the plan envisages that our national character, robust spirit resourcefulness and optimism shall provide the needed succour and springboard for recovery and counter-offensive to secure victory.”

Giving an overview of the strategy, Mr. Dasuki said the document recognized that while the country would continue to focus on the persistent and evolving terrorists’ threat, it must at the same time address the full range of potential catastrophic event including man-made and natural disasters, due to their implications for national security.

The purpose of the strategy, according to him, was to guide, organize and harmonize the nation’s security policies and efforts. The strategy provides a common framework on which the entire nation should focus its efforts.

He said the strategy was required to maintain the survival of the nation through the use of economic power, diplomacy, military and political power.

“It has limitation of time and place. The issues that are so important to the security and existence of Nigeria as a nation today, may invariably change within the next few years, therefore there is the need to review any National Security Strategy document after a period of five to ten years, so as to bring it up to date with the realities of time,” the NSA said.

The National Counter Terrorism Strategy, NACTEST, is organized around five work steams, each with its key objectives and success indicators within the period of 2014 to 2016.

They include forestall – which prevents people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorists; secure -which strengthens protection capacity against terrier attacks; identify- pre-emption through detection, early warning and during that terrorist acts are properly investigated; prepare – to mitigate the impact of terrorists attacks by building resilience and redundancies to ensure continuity of business; and implement – a framework for the mobilization of coordinated cross-governmental efforts.

The National CyberSecurity Policy and Strategy sets out the strategic intent of government in mitigating the country’s cyber risk exposure by prioritizing our needs while focusing on key areas, curtailing escalation of cyber threat that at inimical to the national security posture and the Nigerian economic wellbeing.

It is a vital response elect for safe guarding the nation. It helps to enlighten the citizens on the components that are to be used to empower the nation to understand, respond and collectively deter cyber threat activities. It outlines the doctrinal framework and guiding principles for achieving Nigeria’s roadmaps through the coordinated efforts of all partners in the country.

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