Jonathan’s Administration, Most Reckless, Corrupt -APC Campaign

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation on Thursday described the President Goodluck Jonathan administration as recklessness and corrupt.

It expressed regret that apart from its corruption and reckless behavior, the Jonathan administration has achieved an unprecedented distinction in dividing Nigerians along ethno-religious lines and has taken it to a new height by destroying long years of international relationships Nigeria has built over the years.

Director of Media and Publicity of the APCPCO, Mallam Garba Shehu, said this at a press conference in Abuja.

He explained that since President Jonathan took over power over four years ago, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has not recorded a single high profile conviction.

This, he said, is in stark contrast to the EFCC’s past record, where former governors and other senior public officials accused of defrauding the Nigerian people were tried and prosecuted.

Shehu said, “Thus, we can safely say that President Jonathan has muzzled the EFCC. He has turned one of our country’s most respected and revered institutions into a toothless bulldog without even as much as a bark.

“It is startling to see the dexterity with which the President sacked the former chairman of the SURE-P scheme owing to his pronouncement on the desirability of change. Meanwhile, ministers and other senior members of his government who have heavy allegations of corruption hanging on their necks still comfortably retain their positions.

“Not only has he bound the EFCC from doing its job, Mr. Jonathan has also reversed some previous achievements of the commission by granting state pardon to erstwhile government officials whom it had uncovered as guilty of corruption.

“To make matters worse, at present the EFCC itself is in turmoil. Its chairman is accused by staff of corruption. The commission’s staff are also being owed salaries and entitlements, having not been paid for three months.”

Nigeria, he said, has remained in an abysmal low on the Transparency International ranking of corrupt countries in the world.

The campaign also accused the PDP of insensitivity in its budgeting process. Specifically, it said the reduction of the budget for the Works Ministry by 89 percent remains the most glaring example.

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