Just In! Senate Now pro-PDP, Says Lai. Muhammed

The National Publicity of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Lai Muhammed has described the present composition of the nation’s Upper Legislative Chamber, the Senate as a pro-Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which will do the bidding of the country’s main opposition party.

Alhaji Muhammed while speaking on Sunrise. Daily on Channels Television this morning, Wednesday, 10th June, 2015, stated that the action of some of its in what happened on Tuesday, 9th June, 2015 during the inauguration of the National Assembly thus deserves punishment.

“What we have in the Senate now is a pro-PDP Senate which is not at the interest of our party. How do you expect us to sit with Ekweremadu and Mark and discuss matter of national importance?

“These are part of the old Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) order we struggled to defeat at the cebtre, so how can we then sit down with them to discuss issues of national importance with these people? The APC spokesman asked.

When reminded that the APC still control majority at the National Assembly, he stated that the National Assembly leadership as currently constituted is an ally of the PDP, “because it gets its mandate through the block votes of the PDP. Remember, there were only eight APC Senators who voted for Saraki, the balance which is 49 are from PDP. In the House of Representatives, only 30 APC members voted for Yakubu Dogara, so you can see that the National. Assembly is pro-PDP.

“They even overreached themselves naming David Mark as the Senate Leader before they realised the illegality of their action and reverse themselves,” he said.

Alhaji stated further that insamuch that the party will not want to lose its members, those involved will still be sanctioned because “the indiscipline should not be allowed to go just like that. If this is allow to go,then it means any member can perpetrate bigger indiscipline and hope to get away with it”.

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