Kami-J Sunday Inspirational Talk: Are You Feeling Suicidal? (Part 2)

Last week, I discussed extensively the meaning of suicide as a delibrate act of killing one’s self.



(1) Absent mindedness

(2) Keeping to himself / herself

(3) Negative utterances

(4) Being Moody

(5) Lack of interest in activities.


Why must you kill yourself because you failed your examination? I wrote WAEC/GCE seven times, if I had killed myself, I would not have been a Master’s degree holder today. There is more about your life than to kill yourself.

You are tired about life because you are a single mother with four kids and no help is coming. I was raised by a single mother and also opportuned to have some single mothers around me. I know what it means to accept to sleep with men just to raise those kids to pay school fees. I stopped a woman involved in this act about a year ago, when she walked into our meeting venue and begged for money to buy drugs for her sick baby after being disappointed by that useless man. Sleeping around is not the solution, rather it will add to it because that man has his problems.

What is about life if over 30 years I am still single, there are more about life, just be hopeful and act right. Suicide is not an option rather enjoy yourself before you get hooked. Do you know some of the so called house wives envy you, they are tired of their decisions. Why kill yourself for being single? There is nobody without a problem.

Joblessness is making me contemplate suicide. I want you to know that your present state is not your final status. Start with the small salary and keep hope alive, start small and grow big.


My wife/husband is my problem, it is better to kill myself than to live with him/ her. The problem is temporal and if you feel you can no longer continue, separate for a while, rather than killing her or yourself. There is more enjoyment after the problem.

Is betrayal the reason for your suicide mission? I am still nursing mine. It happened when a trusted father figure introduced a promising project and I convinced many of my associates to put money in the project but at the end, we all ended up duped and many could not even  believe me, up till now people are still asking for their money. Where do you want me to get N20 million. Is your own up to mine? While nursing this another bitter experience happened when somebody dear to me said it to me that i didn’t give him N3 million even with the evidence but thank God for my police friend who averted the litigation knowing fully well that I cannot do such. Even if what you are going through is more than this, who told you there is no break period.

Don’t be deceived by people’s post, some of us go to parties to avoid depression.

My case is beyond yours, I got married about two decades ago as a virgin, yet to have a child, as a result of this, I am with my third husband and it’s not even certain that he will be the last because the man behaves like a beast. Really, but there are women without husbands yet catching fun and waiting for God to answer them just like  He answered Sarah.

All these scenerios are not enough to kill yourself because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Challenges are raw materials needed to be great and there are some of us that must experience the other side of life to know what life encompasses.

The good news is that God is changing your story today.


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