Kami-J Sunday Inspirational Talk: Importance Of Association

What is Association? It is a connection or cooperative link between people or organization. It is also a group of people organized for a joint purpose.
From my own point of view, Association has to do with our relationships with family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and our platform friends.
It is appalling how some people relate with their family and friends. While reading news update on the WhatsApp, i came across two pictures of a man and a woman who died outside the shores of Nigeria (who were Nigerians), whose families could no longer be traced.
The question is, does that mean they didn’t have families or they decided to ignore their families? It is Obvious ‘vulture’ (igun) will eat some people’s corpse as a result of their lifestyle.
(2)Wrong transaction sometimes
(3)Bad scenarios in old age which will lead to regret and premature death.
(4)Difficulties in achieving objectives
(5)Lack of connection to influence issues
Please, adhere to the Following;
*Relate with your family members and set limits in case of a bad experience*
Who will bury you when you die? Act well in order to enjoy your old age. You never can predict what will happen.
*Secrecy sometimes causes you to lose all* They must not know i have achieved these and at the end somebody who is not useful inherits your property. I was told of a Senior officer whose property could not be traced even by his wife but mistresses had access to them…What a shameful life. Declare your assets to your family. Be careful especially,our men.
*Nobody knows tomorrow*
Serve your family with the little you can both immediate and the extended family. The table can turn round tomorrow. Treat people well.
*Invest your money and dont spend your money* Now that you are agile and have resources, invest your money to secure your tomorrow. If you fail to make impact within your family and you also kill your tomorrow by not having resources that will help you, it may be disastrous!
Learn to associate with people.
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