Kwara 2015: Fresh Crisis Hits PDP; Ajibola, Bio At War With Oba Over Failed Agreement

Crisis of confidence has erupted among the trio of Senator Simeon Ajibola, former Minister, Ibrahim Bio and former University Vice Chancellor, Prof Abdur Raheem Oba, over what the former called ‘betrayal and lack of trust’ by the latter. learnt that the duo of Ajibola and Bio are accusing Oba of not respecting agreement reached when Senator Bukola Saraki left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress (APC).

According to investigation, it was alleged that the trio agreed to a settle for a governorship candidate from the senatorial district where the APC picks its own candidate.

Therefore, when APC picked Governor Abdul Fattah Ahmed, Ajibola who is from the same senatorial district like Ahmed, approached Oba for support.

The latter, who also has a governorship ambition shunned the former and their aspiration is throwing the state PDP into a crisis currently.

“The current crisis is as a result of bitter feelings by Ajibola and Bio that Prof Oba is not honouring the agreement they reached immediately Bukola Saraki and his loyalists left the PDP for APC,” a source privy to the development within the ranks of gladiators who call themselves the ‘old PDP’ in Kwara told this medium.

“They had agreed among themselves to ensure that the governorship candidate of PDP to emerge from wherever the APC picks its candidate. So when the APC decided on governor Abdul Fattah Ahmed and Senator Ajibola approached Oba for support, based on their earlier agreement, Oba shunned him and insisted no such agreement existed and that he is already in the race.

“So Ajibola is very bitter about the conduct of Oba which he felt is very ungentlemanly. He now believes Oba cannot be trusted.”
Bio, the former Sports Minister, is also said to have joined the governorship race on account of Oba’s ‘betrayal of the accord’.

“For Bio, he simply said that he is no longer bonded by any agreement since Oba has reneged on it. In fact, he is saying that his region, Kwara North Senatorial District, is more entitled to the seat than any other one since both the Central and South Senatorial Districts have both produced the governor for many times while the north has occupied the seat only once through Senator Sha’aba Lafiagi,” the source added.

Bio, according to the source, also accused Oba of having “a history of not honouring agreement”, citing the “mischievous roles he played during the PDP congress when he colluded with some politicians to raise counter list.

“This bad blood has weakened their so-called gang up against a particular candidate who many people in the party see as having the brightest chance to defeat the incumbent governor and his godfather,” according to the source who is a top chieftain of the Kwara PDP.

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