Labour Party: Amosun’s Govt Corrupt, Fraudulent (Full Text Of Press Release)

Our attention has been drawn to the statement credited to Arc. Lekan Adegbite, the Commissioner for Works and infrastructure in Ogun State over the road projects undertaken by the Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s administration.

It is an undisputed fact that the so called Ogun Standard as being flaunted by Gov. Amosun’s administration was a facsimile of the high-brow Lalubu Road constructed by the Otunba Gbenga Daniel led administration continuation of which were the Ibara/Totoro and Ibara/Onikolobo Road with the same features in road median, drainages and walkways.

It would interest the general public to note that while the Administration of Otunba  Gbenga Daniel dualised  Lalubu Road with a bridge and by direct labour at the rate of about  N100 million per kilometre in 2007, the present Administration of Gov. Ibikunle Amosun constructed already existing roads including that of Ibara/Onikolobo at over N1 billion per kilometre!  This is in a situation in which there was no significant hike in the prices of construction materials that could have warranted such a phenomenal increase. 

Again, the six-lane highways being constructed within the State metropolis in the name of urban renewal is nothing but an aberration and deviation from the Laws of the land.  It will be recalled that in 2005, the Town Planning Bill was passed into law in agreement with the old Western/Eastern and Northern Region Town Planning Laws. The law clearly defines the process and legal framework for urban renewal. However, it is appalling that none of the provisions of the existing Law was followed by the Governor Amosun-led government as the principles established by the law were side-lined.

There are some vital agencies involved in the process of urban renewal which included setting up of Urban & Regional Planning Board, involvement of all necessary stakeholders and the likes. The current development in Ogun State clearly shows that that the process of urbanisation was not followed before Governor Amosun, by fiat, started the demolishing buildings and reconstructing already constructed roads all in the name of Ogun Standard in flagrant disobedience to the State’s Laws. Quite a number of professionals should have been involved in the process as it is also a matter to be tabled before the State legislature before such a lasting reformation is initiated and executed.  This is however poses a challenge to the State legislature which has been criminally silent on the various actions of misrule and impeachable offences frequently committed by the State’s helmsman.

Going by the records, it is striking that the rate at which a kilometre of road is constructed in Ogun State is alarming and outrageous. For instance, if Ogun State government approves a kilometre of road at the cost of N135 million which is the Federal government approved rate of  306 kilometers would have amounted to N41.5billion. Suffice to say that Ogun State government is constructing 15 bridges at total cost of N124.5billion which is also indicative that a bridge cost an average of  N8.3billion. What a sham and fraud! .Figures don’t lie. The submission of Arc. Adegbite that the Ogun State government has expended the total sum of N166.7billion to construct 306 kilometre of roads and bridges in Ogun State  is a great discrepancy to Federal Government’s expenditure of N57 billion on a 421km road.  

Simple mathematics clearly shows that Ogun State government under Governor Amosun  is either richer than the  Federal Government or a whole chunk of the States’ budget might have gone down the drain. One may now see that more than 60 percent of Ogun State budget is expended on road construction whereby other vital sectors are neglected What a visionless government.

Without mincing words, it is conspicuous that the APC controlled government in Ogun State is insincere and fraudulent. It is our considered opinion that the Ogun State House of Assembly compiles all the various impeachable offences of Governor Amosun and set machinery in motion to achieve this. The Labour Party which is founded on the ideals of social democracy will continue to offer unbiased and fearless criticism.

Deji Kalejaiye
State Publicity Secretary
Ogun State chapter of Labour Party

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