Lagos APC Says PDP Wants To Re-launch Violence, Crime In Lagos.

The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has warned Lagosians of the grave plan by the Jonathan led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to violate the envious security Lagosians had endured for years.

The party said it is issuing this warning in view of recent happenings in the state where the PDP has launched violent political campaigns aimed at provoking Lagosians to a street battle to signal the return of violence and insecurity in Lagos.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that the recent wooing of violent ethnic militias like the OPC in Lagos and there recent violent protests on the streets of Lagos as well as the orchestrated continued vandalisation of APC posters and campaign billboards all over Lagos as invitations to violence and war by those working for Jonathan and the PDP.

The party said that Lagos will revert to a theater of unending war and violence should Lagosians make the mistake of voting for PDP.

“We want to alert the good people of Lagos of the grand design by a PDP that has supervised the worst security crisis the country has faced since the civil war, to launch unending violence and seek to compromise the enviable security situation we have been enjoying when other parts of the country became theatres of insecurity. We want to alert Lagosians that sponsoring and launching gun totting OPC militias on Lagos streets is the last ditch effort of an incompetent government to launder violence on Lagosians so as to prepare them for the return of wholesome criminality and other forms of insecurity Lagosians have put behind them.

“Lagosians should recall what the situation used to be when groups of armed robbers and hoodlums raided neighborhoods and visited murder, rampage and persecution on large scale volume before Lagos State government dealt with the situation. Lagosians should recall that it got to a situation where other Nigerians running frantically away from the PDP-supervised inept security situation in the country, relocated their families, parents and loved ones to Lagos because the Lagos State government invested heavily in securing Lagos when other parts of Nigeria were either over ran by armed robbery, Boko Haram insurgency or kidnapping.

“We want to remind Lagosians that the same way and manner the PDP and the Jonathan presidency are sponsoring and arming OPC to cause mayhem and insecurity in Lagos was the same way the PDP armed and sponsored hoodlums in the South South and after elections, they become kidnappers and assassins and Nigeria has not recovered from this. The same way and manner was also adopted by the PDP to train and sponsor hoodlums for electoral violence in the North and they were soon to become Boko Haram militants, as revealed by the late former National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi.

“We want to warn Lagosians that the return of violent crime and violent political campaigns by the desperate PDP in its bid to overwhelm and conquer Lagos will inflict tremendous harm on their wellbeing and security if Lagosians cast their votes for the PDP. We warn that voting for PDP, which has so compromised the peace and tranquility of Lagosians as a result of its deadly desire for power in recent weeks. We want Lagosians to note that the display of unbridled violence by PDP in Lagos in the ongoing campaign shows that Lagosians must brace for a full scale return to violent crimes and total insecurity should they vote for PDP in the coming election.

“We urge all Lagosians to arrest the present predilection to violence and the brutal compromise of the state’s enviable security by the PDP by voting en mass for the APC in next week’s election. This is the surest way to not only continue providing efficient and comprehensive security for Lagosians but continuing the tremendous developmental projects that have made Lagos a melting point for all Nigerians fleeing from the bizarre devastating the PDP has made of the country in sixteen awful years in power.”

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