Lagos APC: Tribunal’s verdict expected

“Governor Ambode’s victory at the Lagos State Election Petitions Tribunal didn’t come to us as a surprise,” the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said on Thursday, 2nd Juky, 2015.

The party said the verdict confirmed that Lagosians voted for good governance and continuity in the Centre of Excellence.

Reacting to the verdict through a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Joe Igbokwe,
the APC described verdict as a huge testimony that Lagosians know their leaders and their leaders know them.

The statement reads: “The PDP in Lagos said it did everything to win Lagos including setting one ethnic group against the other; dishing out millions of dollars and pound sterlings, unleashing ethnic militias like OPC, deploying security agencies, SURE-P outlaws , and others to harass and intimidate Lagosians to succumb and surrender Lagos to them.

“Lagos PDP failed because there is no meeting point between light and darkness, no meeting point between the serious and the unserious, no meeting point between conservatives and progressives, and no meeting point between performers and non performers.

“How can you use shoes for hammer? How can you move a car forward by engaging the reverse gear? How you plant cassava and hope to harvest yam? Can a goat give birth to a lion?

“The truth is that Lagos has always been in the hands of the progressives since it was created in 1967 and the strong and dynamic Lagos will continue to remain in the hands of progressives for a long time to come.

“The progressives will continue to strive for greater heights in raising standards not only in Lagos but the whole of Nigeria.”

Igbokwe expressed the ruling party’s felicitation to Ambode, who he described as the APC torch-bearer in the state.

“Lagos APC rejoices with His Excellency, Governor Ambode for this resounding victory We urge the governor to seize the moment and hit the ground running, and move with a speed that will not only frighten detractors, but silence them”, he said.

He urged the governor to continue the good work he has been doing in the Center of Excellence following the dismissal of the needless distraction by the tribunal.

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