Lagos Assembly Controversial Bill: Those Behind It Lack Knowledge Of History, Culture, Tendencies Of Lagos People – Opeifa 


Former Commissioner of Transport in Lagos State, Dr Kayode Opeifa has described those behind the controversial Delineation Bill of the Lagos State House of Assembly as lacking knowledge of the history, culture and tendencies of the people of Lagos, reports The Gazelle

Speaking exclusively with this medium after validating his membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Opeifa described the controversial Bill being against the history, culture, heritage and tendencies of people of the state.
“The promoters of this bill are certainly not oblivious of the history, culture and tendencies of this state,” Opeifa said.
According to him, “the administrative divisions of Lagos State – IBILE, and its components make Lagos unique and special. This is the basis of the of peaceful coexistence of the original people of Lagos and its settlers at creation in 1967. This is a careful example of a people united in diversity”.

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