Lagos Lawmaker: PDP’s Desperation In Ekiti Is An Evidence Of Political Tyranny

A member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Honourable Segun Olulade, has condemned the leadership of the nation’s ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over what he called, the party’s desperation to take over power in Ekiti State using all arsenal at its disposal.

Olulade, Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Security, Strategy and Publicity, was reacting to  reported arrest made by the Department of State Security in Ekiti over illegal thumb-printing on the ballot boxes by loyalists of PDP guber candidate Ayo Fayose ahead the Saturday election.

While speaking to journalists in Lagos, Olulade said “the attempt by PDP to forcefully regain Ekiti is a wishful thinking, not even a dream. The party is making every ruthless efforts to choke Ekiti people into accepting a tyrant model being imported by Ayo Fayose from Abuja. I believe, however, that Ekiti people are learned people and very wise. I have no doubt that the people will stand and defend their mandate of the choice of Governor Kayode Fayemi”.

He said further that “all attempts being employed by PDP have failed. First was the attempt to use a PDP in Police uniform to discourage followers of Dr Fayemi by shooting at a peaceful rally leaving an APC supporter dead; then the attempt to distribute expired rice and food item to woo the people; and now they have started thumb-printing illegally ahead of the election”.

Olulade who commended the Inspector General of Police for taking honourable position in the shooting case also commended the men of the State Security Service for the arrest of hoodlums who are thumb-printing into ballot boxes. He went further to commend the people of Ekiti for standing for justice and believing that a bag of rice is not worth their future.

Recently, there have been series of allegations against the ruling’s Ayo Fayose as the election draw closer. It was also reported that the leaders of the PDP in Ekiti have vowed not to work for the party’s candidate Ayo Fayose over what they described as “unfit candidature due to criminal records and violent nature” of their party’s flag bearer in Ekiti. Many of them have since decamped to the APC while those who refused to leave vowed never to work for Ayo Fayose.

Olulade concluded that the age for democracy to thrive on justice has arrived with people electing their leaders based on performance and delivery. “The nation shall never go back to dark ages. The people want change and they want it so badly. Our country need to move from solving problems to advancing in the betterment of lives of our people so as to meet up with other nations in the global arena”, Olulade said. 


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