Lai Mohammed Cries Out, Accuses Kwara Governor Of Hijacking APC Registration

Alhaji Lai Mohammed has raised allegations of irregularities over the ongoing All Progressives Congress (APC) membership registration and revalidation in Kwara State.
The Information Minister in a statement Monday, 15 February, 2021 said Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq hijacked the registration credentials at the detriment of other political structures that made up the so-called ‘O To Ge’ movement. Supporters of the movement credited themselves for defeating Bukola Saraki and his loyalists during the last general elections.
“The guidelines stipulate consultation with all stakeholders by the Registration Officials from Abuja. After the botched attempt to have a meeting of stakeholders, due to orchestrated violence, the Registration Officials failed to consult with all stakeholders before the commencement of the membership registration exercise,” Mohammed said at a press briefing in Kwara.
“Opting instead to work with only one of the four tendencies here in Kwara, the Fagbemi Group to which the Governor belongs, thus excluding the three other tendencies – The Akogun Group, the Gbemi Saraki Group and the Lai Mohammed Group, without which the ‘O To Ge’ “Movement would not have succeeded.”
The APC registration, which began on February 2, has continued to draw controversies. In separate parts of the country, the exercise was marred by violence, while factional groups expressed disparate disappointments.
Details shortly…

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