LASEMA Adopts Surveillance/Advocacy Strategies To Prevent Disaster

As part of efforts geared toward reducing disaster risks in Lagos State, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) has adopted monitoring and surveillance of domestic, industrial and public facilities into its main activity of disaster management.
Speaking with newsmen on the activities of the Surveillance and Monitoring Unit of the Agency, LASEMA General Manager, Mr. Michael Akindele, explained that the shift from search and rescue to disaster risk reduction, through emergency prevention, mitigation, early warning and advocacy are new strategies in disaster management.

He explained that the new approach is a practical one to reducing emergencies/disasters thereby reducing the huge expenses borne by the State Government on relief assistance to victims of disasters.

Akindele stated that the Agency is taking proactive steps to carry out immediate monitoring/inspection of reported distressed and thereafter work in partnership with other government Agencies to prevent disasters from occurring.

The LASEMA boss thanked the pubic for their support through prompt calls on danger signs, noting that the public play pivotal role in disaster mitigation/prevention and consequently reducing hazards, risks and vulnerabilities by ensuring that distress calls on emerging hazards and risks are relayed to the Agency.

According to him, the Agency has continued to receive relevant information  through the toll free line 767/112, such as dilapidated and structurally defective buildings, schools, among others that could degenerate into future disasters.

Akindele called for continued cooperation with LASEMA, stating that the present administration would not sit back and watch activities of some individuals or organization degenerate into huge material loss and avoidable fatalities when emergency/disaster occurs.

The LASEMA boss also stated that aside from surveillance activities, the Agency has also embarkson advocacy, sensitization and town hall meetings in various communities in order to bringto the barest minimum occurrences of emergencies/disasters in the State.

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