Last Slave For Release

A film on human trafficking, Last Slave, is billed for release today (Friday).

It features the likes of Francis Duru, Zulu Adigwe, Joyce Kalu, Patrick Onyeocha and Nuella Njubigbo.

The movie’s producer and director, Henry Ozuluonye, during a press briefing in Lagos to announce the release of the movie, noted that trafficking was a menace which must be tackled with collective efforts of everybody in the country.

Ozuluonye said the movie is an expose that human trafficking still exits in Nigeria and Africa, while suggesting steps to be taken against it.

He said, “When people get missing with no trace, it is possible they’ve been sold into trafficking. The message in the movie is for everyone to join hands and eradicate human trafficking.”

The movie producer also disclosed that Last Slave was his biggest work so far.

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