Law: Senate Deletes Proposed 7-year Jail Term For Internet Critics

Following widespread criticism by some section of Nigerians over the move by the Senate to pass a bill which stipulates a seven-year jail term for social media critics who post information that threaten national security, the  senate  bowed to pressures and have deleted the provision from the bill.

Also, Senate president David Mark has tagged phone tapping as unacceptable, adding that its a pure invasion of privacy.

According to section 13 (3) of the bill for an act for the prohibition of and punishment for electronic fraud and crime in all electronic transactions in Nigeria, “Any person who intentionally propagate false information that could threaten the security of the country or that is capable of inciting the general public against the government through electronic message shall be guilty of an offence and upon conviction,  shall be sentenced to seven years imprisonment, or a fine of N5million or both”

According to the sponsor of the bill, Senator Adegbenga Kaka, the controversial clause had been expunged  from the bill.

Meanwhile, the Senate president, David Mark yesterday averted what almost turned a major clash at plenary between two Senators, Bukola Saraki and Nenadi Usman over a secret videotaping allegation which broke last Thursday.

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