Legendary Prostitute Retires After Satisfying 500,000 Customers; Last Client Travelled 5400 Miles To Sleep With Her + Photos 

Sunday, 27 July, 2020 will remain a red letter day in Nevada, the United States of America (USA), reports The Gazelle News.com.
It was the day Beatrice “3$” Thompson, the legendary prostitute in the town decided to retire from the profession.
According to the worldnewsdailyreports.com, Thompson had spent 54 years as a prostitute, satisfied 500,000 customers among whom were four American Presidents.
Her last customer was 34 years old German from Hanburg, Hans Meyer who embarked on a 5400 mile trip from Germany to sleep with her. He was thus the 500,000th customer of the legendary prostitute.
He said, “The best experience of my life. She has god-given skills and over 50 years of experience… it’s like having sex with God!
Beatrice Thompson


Hans Meyer, her last customer
34-year old Hans Meyer traveled from Germany to have sex with Ms. Thompson before she retired. He was her very last customer, an experience he qualifies as “divine”
According to her, when she was younger, she had the ability to satisfy 50 to 100 customers in a day.
The Gazelle News.com reports further that the 76 years old retired prostitute was named the Sex Worker of the Year 17 times by the Sex Workers Union of Nevada between 1969 and 1992 and was given Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.
Nicknamed “3$” for the price of a blowjob when she started working in the sex industry, Ms. Thompson rapidly became known as one of the best in the profession.
Beatrice Thompson says she could have retired years ago but had always loved her job and wanted to reach an objective she had set for herself decades ago.
“When I was younger, I could satisfy 50 to 100 men per day. I decided I would reach half a million before retiring, but then I became less popular so it took a few extra years to get there.”
Now that she is retired, Ms. Thompson intends to contact the Guinness World Records organization to obtain the recognition she deserves for her accomplishment.
She has several documents to prove her claim, including employer records, tax records and even tens of thousands of customer reviews.
The actual record is held by Louise and Martine Fokkens, twins who were both prostitutes in Amsterdam’s red-light district for 50 years and had sex with 355,000 men combined in their run, or about 177,500 each.

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