Letter To Leah Sharibu: Our Pigeon Refused To Fly


By Sola Isola
Hi Leah,
I write to you with a bit of skepticism in my heart, more because I am not certain of how much access you have to the world out there from the den where the Nigerian Government both past and present has decided to keep you.
Well, I have a deep impression that you are going to see this and even if you dont, someone close to you will and maybe that will serve my purpose.
This is an ‘aproko’ letter i decided to write to you just so I can gist you of what happened to us on Friday, 15th January 2021, the day of our fallen heroes.
I’m sure you know what we call Armed Forces Remembrance Day. That day we have set aside to celebrate the men we lost while fighting civil war, insurgency and banditry. Its even a bit closer because some of these men died while trying to save people who are in captive like you currently are. I do hope you come out soon.
So we do this every year. I mean its worth celebration, these guys died while trying to save us or they died saving us, though thats not anyway close to that of  Jesus Christ in anyway.
You may not know Tolulope Arotile. One of the best hands, our armed forces have produced. A young brilliant babe, oh you need to see her, her face is like she could be used to advertise ‘Joy Soap’. You know she was like the girls we know back then who bath with ‘Imperial Leather’, anyway she died in active service, not even while fighting Boko Haram. So sad.
I hope you know as well that immediately these men died, not everybody cares about the wife and children they leave behind, we only hear millions announced on facebook by spokesmen and media aide, what happens next is nobody’s business. All man for himself, God for us all.
Leah, maybe I should even shock you. You know all the Boko Haram members that were captured, we have forgiven them, we rehabilitated them, and now we are spending alot on them, can you see how generous we are. Oh. I thought you will clap for us.
In fact, i read that Zamfara State Government bought these men Hilux and supported them with millions of Naira. Oh, I heard you. We are on the way to building a new Nigeria and these are the men that will live in it. You know the way it is when people accept Jesus Christ and they are said to be a new creature, thats how we now have born-again Nigerians.
Anyway, let me gist you. So like we do every year, Our President being the number one citizen is supposed to open the cage where the pigeons are and away they fly. That’s how it has always been, at least we didnt just start it. Though I heard its not the first time that is happening.
This year, the moment we opened the cage, the Pigeons stayed, I thought it was a joke. Our President had to support one of the pigeons with hand. The thing refuse to fly, Baba sha left the place.
Leah, think of the pigeon as our flag. That Green-White-Green cloth we hang on all poles around, some of them are even dirty and torn, if you visit some government offices and parastatals. I mean, why should those flag fly? The same flag that was soaked with blood in October?
Why should the pigeon fly? Would they not have heard that Boko Haram is still carrying out Massacre in Borno? Will they be unaware that the poverty and hunger in the land still lingers? Maybe they are hungry as at then.
Perhaps, the man that was supposed to feed them had forgotten to buy the needed food. That would not have been strange you know the way NYSC officials play games with food they serve on orientation camp. Oh, you wouldnt know. Let me tell you.
Corp members and NYSC officials cook in the same kitchen, eat the same food but the difference in quality is like comparing the age of Methuselah with that of Jesus Christ.
Okay, lets not talk about food because am a food tourist and you may not be. Your Mum and Dad misses you so much, once in a while she speaks out in the media, when maybe one Editor in a newspaper house pushes a reporter to get a feature story. When she speaks then Presidency will reply on Facebook and Twitter, later they will send one Special Adviser to the Special Assistant to the Special Senior Adviser to the Special Senior Assistant to the President to visit your mom. That one will snap picture and post it on Instagram.
Oh, you said what about CAN and PFN? They are busy ooo, very busy. In December 2019, they told President Buhari to secure your release as a Christmas gift. That sounded like children doing december wish card. You remember that paper, the one you give your Uncles and Aunties to sign on it and promise you something, most of them fails at last. The wish wasnt granted.
Its getting too long Leah, I dont intend to bore you. I will write you again and very soon. There are so many things happening fast here that I need to gist you about.
Please Stay Safe and Strong. My heart is with you
Sola Isola Writes from Osogbo. Can be reached on solaisolaa@gmail.com

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