Man Beats Daughter’s Lover To Pulp For Taking Her To Hotel

A man beat his daughter’s lover black and blue after trailing them to a hotel where they made love and were coming out hand in hand from the scene in Ajegunle area of Lagos State on Tuesday.

LEADERSHIP gathered that the lovebirds were coming out from a hotel (name withheld) but, unknown to them, the father of the girl had trailed them to the place at Ojo Road. The man identified as Uche Nwachukwu did not ask any question before he gave the lover a sucker punch that sent him to his knees and bleeding from the nose.

The lover, identified simply as Jude, was said to have begged the man not to hit him again because he was in love with the daughter,  Christiana, and wanted to marry her.

Christiana was said to have escaped from the scene.

Nwachukwu said he had told Jude to leave his daughter alone but to no avail. He warned Jude that next time he sees his daughter with him, he would send him to an early grave.

Jude begged that he had been dating the daughter for about two years and was planning to marry her. The angry man replied that, “Is that how they married your mother? You want to dent my image as a Christian by going to the hotel to make love to my only daughter and only child. I am giving you the last warning, please leave my daughter alone. You are a tout while my daughter is planning to gain admission in one of the universities.”

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