Management Expert, Joke Giwa Lists Ways To Improve Productivity

Former Managing Director of MoneyGram, JoKe Giwa, has stressed the need to improve work life balance.

Speaking in a chat with newsmen, Mrs. Giwa, a speaker, coach and consultant to multinational and blue chip companies said that it is difficult for professionals these days to get the right work-life balance as they have to multitask more than ever: juggling domestic duties and working increasing hours.

However despite the challenges posed by work life conflict, the former executive in MTN emphasized the need for employees to balance work and non-work so as to increase productivity.

“Having a healthy work-life balance in Nigeria seems somewhat neglected to our work culture, and the result shows in the number of workers that are stressed, under-productive and overworked.

“Employers on the other hand have turned blind eyes to all these despite it having negative effects as it reduces employee productivity,” she said.

Stating that multitasking often produces stress, and anxiety and robs employees of their productivity, she urged people in employment to create the best work-life balance for themselves by making sure they not only achieve set tasks at work but also reflect the joy of the job and the joy of life every day.

“Setting strong habits such as sleeping and waking up early – especially to beat those sickening daily traffic to work -, eating right, taking short breaks to refresh and clear your mind etc.

“With all these in place you are full of energy to take on the day and there will be little or no need to work extra hours. Take time after work to relax except of course you are waiting behind for traffic to ease up.

“To have a long, healthy, productive, and happy life and career you need to understand the value of pace. There are times when you will need to up the speed and there are times when you can slow down.

“You can take on extra projects if it won’t be affecting your personal life, but if it would politely say no to such projects that will eat up your time. Even if you might be trying to get in the good books of your superior or CEO if taking such tasks will wear you out or slow down your initial work flow, turn it down, ” Mrs. Joke Giwa who at one time was head of retail banking in GTBank enjoined.

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