Man’s Stomach Ripped Open During Fight Over Woman

Doctors at the Lagos Island General Hospital are battling to save the life of a 34-year-old man, identified only as Owuye, whose stomach was ripped open on New Year’s Eve.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim and an elderly man, identified simply as Baba, were involved in a fight over a married woman.

Our correspondent, who visited Tafawa Balewa Square, where the incident took place, learnt that Owuye’s intestines popped out, causing him to lose a lot of blood.

An eyewitness, who identified himself as Soji, said Owuye was the first to attack the elderly man.

He said both the victim and the elderly man were both jobless people who usually sleep in buses at TBS.

He said, “In the afternoon, we were arranging chairs at TBS for a church, which was planning to hold a watch night service, when we saw the both of them fighting.

“Apparently Baba was smooching a woman said to be around 50 years when Owuye caught them. Owuye was the first to attack the man. We pleaded with Owuye to leave Baba alone but he refused.

“Owuye broke a bottle on Baba’s head and the man began to bleed profusely. When baba had recovered from Owuye’s initial assault, he, in turn, stabbed him (Owuye) with a broken bottle in the stomach and his intestines fell out. Both victims held each other by the waistband as they bled.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that in the ensuing pandemonium, the woman, whom the duo was fighting over, fled the scene.

It was learnt that the matter was immediately reported to a police post at the old National Assembly Complex at TBS and the elderly man was arrested and taken to the Lion Building Police Station.

A recharge card vendor at the scene said, “We pleaded with the duo to go to the General Hospital, Marina, Lagos, for medical attention but they continued to fight.

“When Owuye collapsed, a tricycle was used in moving both of them to the hospital. A few hours later, we bought blood for Owuye. We have also been told to donate money for his treatment.

“I wonder why two grown men would be fighting over a married woman. Baba is even married with children. Owuye is a violent man and he wanted to have her all to himself.”

Our correspondent, who visited the General Hospital on Wednesday, learnt that Owuye was still in critical condition.

A friend of Owuye, who spoke to our correspondent outside the hospital said, “Many people think he died but he is still alive. If not that the General Hospital is a few metres away from where he was stabbed, he would not have survived.”

When contacted on the telephone, Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the incident adding that investigations were ongoing.

“We had a case of grievous harm. It involved two suspects that fought at TBS. Both were injured but one was stabbed in the stomach. They were rushed to the hospital where the stabbed suspect was admitted.

“However, the other suspect (Baba) is being detained at the Lion Building Police Station. Investigations are ongoing.”

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