Military Releases Suspects Caught Thumb-printing; Police Fail To Arrest Thugs Caught With Arms At PDP Rally – APC

The military in Ede, State of Osun, has been accused of releasing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fraudsters caught red-handed by vigilant citizens,  while thumb-printing ballot papers in Akoda, Ede.

The suspects were handed over to the military to take into custody for appropriate prosecution.

However, when the military intervened and took the culprits with the instrument they were using to thumb print ballot papers to their base in Ede for onward transmission to the police for prosecution, the suspects were released.

It was discovered on the morning of Tuesday, 5th August, 2014 that the four suspects involved in the illegality have been released.

Similarly, on Saturday, 2nd August, 2014 during the PDP rally in Osogbo, the police were reported to have arrested some PDP thugs caught with guns and other ammunition in their possession. But as you read this, the thugs have also been released.

The big question is why should the military and the police release suspects caught in illegal act and illegal possession of weapons when they were supposed to be in custody, preparatory for court charges.

Secondly, in the case of Akoda, the question is who gave the suspects ballot papers, if not the INEC that is supposed to be in exclusive possession of ballot papers?

“It is beginning to be clear that there appear to be a synergy among the military, the police, the PDP and INEC for the singular purpose of rigging next Saturday’s election,” was the conclusion of the APC in a statement through its Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barrister Kunle Oyatomi.

The APC demanded explanation from the aformentioned institutions: how come people who were violating electoral law by casting vote outside the electoral process and the thugs who were illegally in possession of ammunitions were released by security agencies to continue their criminality only four days to the election itself.?

APC also tasked INEC to provide Nigerians with an answer on how criminals broke into its storehouse to steal ballot papers, which they are thumb printing outside the electoral process?

“Nigerians and the world should not be deceived at all: there is a criminal conspiracy of the highest pedestal of the security agencies, the PDP, INEC and the government in Abuja to criminally bastardise democracy and destroy the electoral process through coordinated fraud,” the party said.

However, the APC insisted that no matter what the combination of all these forces do, APC will prevail and win election on Saturday with the people’s mandate.

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