Minister Urges Youths To Engage More With Government


The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare has reiterated the need for Nigerian youth to engage  more  constructively with the Government instead of being confrontational.
Speaking on how to access the  Nigerian Youth Investment Fund, the Minister said “The first point of call should be the Ministry’s website and I keep telling the youth that we must engage with the government.
“Of course we know there’s a trust deficit, but we  have a government and a president who has worked for the last five years to bridge the trust deficit. It is therefore important that as the government is making efforts, there should be a level of responsiveness from the youth.
“Hence, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development website is one place to visit to make  enquiries of all youth targeted initiatives  of the government including the NYIF. There are other websites like the NAIRSAL website and generally there are information about all these initiatives including the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund on google search”.
Meanwhile, Government  lhas dispatched  the first  fund for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund for youth owned businesses. This was  disbursed in December 2020. The ring fenced  loan is to run for three years at N25bn per year.

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